May 23, 2015

Human vaginal microbiome

Vaginal Biofilm: Much Ado About Nothing, or a New Therapeutic Challenge? – Jack D. Sobel – Clinical Infectious Diseases

Human respiratory microbiome

Correlation between Either Cupriavidus or Porphyromonas and Primary Pulmonary Tuberculosis Found by Analysing the Microbiota in Patients’ Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid – Yuhua Zhou – PLOS ONE

Human gut microbiome

Temporal and technical variability of human gut metagenomes – Anita Y Voigt – Genome Biology

Gut metabolites and bacterial community networks during a pilot intervention study with flaxseeds in healthy adult men – Ilias Lagkouvardos – Molecular Nutrition & Food Research

Fecal Microbiota in Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Its Relation to Inflammation – Kaija-Leena Kolho – American Journal of Gastroenterology

The impact of ciprofloxacin and clindamycin administration on Gram-negative bacteria isolated from healthy volunteers and characterizing the resistance genes they harbour – Roderick M. Card – Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy

Review: The Role of the Microbiome in Mental Health: A Psychoneuroimmunologic Perspective – Kelly Brogan – Alternative and Complementary Therapies

Review: Dysbiosis and Immune Dysregulation in Outer Space – Jorge L. Cervantes – International Reviews of Immunology

Models of microbiome research

Effects of two whole-grain barley varieties on caecal SCFA, gut microbiota and plasma inflammatory markers in rats consuming low- and high-fat diets – Yadong Zhong – British Journal of Nutrition

Animal microbiome

Dogs: Characterization of Microbial Dysbiosis and Metabolomic Changes in Dogs with Acute Diarrhea – BC Guard – PLOS ONE

Coral: Productivity links morphology, symbiont specificity and bleaching in the evolution of Caribbean octocoral symbioses – David M Baker – ISME Journal

Plant and soil microbiome

Quantitative assessment of the differential impacts of arbuscular and ectomycorrhiza on soil carbon cycling – Nadejda A. Soudzilovskaia – New Phytologist

Soil pH and biome are both key determinants of soil archaeal community structure –
Binu M. Tripathi – Soil Biology and Biochemistry

Solarization makes a great impact on the abundance and composition of microbial communities in soil – Kazunori Yokoe – Soil Science and Plant Nutrition

The relationship between successional vascular plant assemblages and associated microbial communities on coal mine spoil heaps – G. Woźniak – Community Ecology

Long-term soil transplant simulating climate change with latitude significantly alters microbial temporal turnover – Yuting Liang – ISME Journal

Differential acquisition of amino acid and peptide enantiomers within microbial community groups and its implications for carbon and nitrogen cycling in soil – R.C.I. Broughton – Soil Biology and Biochemistry

Molecular mechanisms underlying the close association between soil Burkholderia and fungi – Nejc Stopnisek – ISME Journal

Water microbiome

Editorial: Computational eco‐systems biology in Tara Oceans: translating data into knowledge – Shinichi Sunagawa – Molecular Systems Biology

Editorial: The making of Tara Oceans: funding blue skies research for our Blue Planet – Eric Karsenti – Molecular Systems Biology

Cross-depth analysis of marine bacterial networks suggests downward propagation of temporal changes – Jacob A Cram – ISME Journal

Air microbiome

Characterization of active and total fungal communities in the atmosphere over the Amazon rainforest – A. M. Womack – Biogeosciences Discuss

Bioreactor microbiology

Palygorskite changes heavy metal bioavailability and microbial functional diversity in sewage sludge composting – Siying Liu – Environmental Technology

Evaluation of System Performance and Microbial Communities of a Bioaugmented Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor Treating Pharmaceutical Wastewater – Kok Kwang Ng – Water Research

Bioinformatics and Metagenomics

Read Mapping on de Bruijn graph – Antoine Limasset and Pierre Peterlongo – arXiv

NetCooperate: a network-based tool for inferring host-microbe and microbe-microbe cooperation – Roie Levy – BMC Bioinformatics

Consortium of the ‘bichlorophyllous’ cyanobacterium Prochlorothrix hollandica and chemoheterotrophic partner bacteria: culture and metagenome based description – Natalia Velichko – Environmental Microbiology Reports

A new approach for detecting fungal and oomycete plant pathogens in next generation sequencing metagenome data utilising electronic probes – Andres Espindola – International Journal of Data Mining and Bioinformatics

Stability of operational taxonomic units: an important but neglected property for analyzing microbial diversity – Yan He – Microbiome

Strong spurious transcription likely contributes to DNA insert bias in typical metagenomic clone libraries – Kathy N Lam – Microbiome


Using community metabolomics as a new approach to discriminate marine microbial particulate organic matter in the western English Channel – Carole A. Llewellyn – Progress in Oceanography

Metabolic potential of fatty acid oxidation and anaerobic respiration by abundant members of Thaumarchaeota and Thermoplasmata in deep anoxic peat – Xueju Lin – ISME Journal

Phages, viruses, CRISPRs

Computational Detection of CRISPR/crRNA Targets – Ambarish Biswas – CRISPR Methods in Molecular Biology

Creation and Analysis of a Virome: Using CRISPR Spacers – Michelle Davison – CRISPR Methods in Molecular Biology

More microbes

Not open access, alas. van Leeuwenhoek microscopes—where are they now? – Lesley A. Robertson – FEMS Microbiology Letters

Microbes in the news

Headline from 2030: Is your space commute making you sick? Microbiomes undergo weird changes in space – Alexandra Ossola – Popular Science

Leaf bacteria fertilize trees, researchers claim – Elizabeth Pennisi – Science

The bugs within us – Hordes of bacteria live inside animals, affecting their health, food choices and mating – Roberta Kwok – Student Science

Report from the 1st Annual Translational Microbiome Conference: Moving from lab to clinic: Microbiome on the move – Taconic Insights

Recent Built Environment Microbiology papers – Elisabeth Bik –



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