May 11, 2015

General microbiome / Microbial ecology

Microbiomes raise privacy concerns: DNA from microbes living on the human body can be used to identify individuals – Ewen Callaway – Nature

Identifying personal microbiomes using metagenomic codes – Eric A. Franzosa – PNAS USA

Unraveling interactions in microbial communities – from co-cultures to microbiomes – Justin Tan – Journal of Microbiology

Antagonistic interactions are sufficient to explain self-assemblage of bacterial communities in a homogeneous environment: a computational modeling approach – Román Zapién-Campos – Frontiers in Microbiology

Human oral microbiome

Hospitalisation impacts on oral hygiene: an audit of oral hygiene in a metropolitan health service – Rachael Danckert – Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences

DGGE: Dynamic Shifts in the Oral Microbiome during Radiotherapy – Tine De Ryck – Clinical Research in Infectious Diseases

Effects of Source- versus Household Contamination of Tubewell Water on Child Diarrhea in Rural Bangladesh: A Randomized Controlled Trial – Ayse Ercumen – PLOS ONE

Human vaginal microbiome

Review: Biofilms: An Underappreciated Mechanism of Treatment Failure and Recurrence in Vaginal Infections – Christina A. Muzny – Clinical Infectious Diseases

Human gut microbiome

Editorial: The Gut Microbiota Strikes Again – Debra D. Poutsiaka – Clinical Infectious Diseases
Belongs to:
Acute Gastrointestinal Graft-vs-Host Disease Is Associated With Increased Enteric Bacterial Bloodstream Infection Density in Pediatric Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplant Recipients – Anya Levinson – Clinical Infectious Diseases

Review: Exploring the role of environmental enteropathy in malnutrition, infant development and oral vaccine response – Allissia A. Gilmartin , William A. Petri – Philosophical Transactions B

Review: Role of the gastrointestinal ecosystem in the development of type 1 diabetes – Joseph G Daft – Pediatric Diabetes

Plant and soil microbiome

Ectomycorrhizal fungal communities coinvading with Pinaceae host plants in Argentina: Gringos bajo el bosque – Jeremy Hayward – New Phytologist

Atmospheric N Deposition Alters Connectance, but not Functional Potential Among Saprotrophic Bacterial Communities – Zachary B. Freedman – Molecular Ecology

Rhizospheric changes of fungal and bacterial communities in relation to soil health of multi-generation apple orchards – F. Caputo – Biological Control

Permafrost microbial community traits and functional diversity indicate low activity at in situ thaw temperatures – Jessica G. Ernakovich – Soil Biology and Biochemistry

Switchgrass Biochar Effects on Plant Biomass and Microbial Dynamics in Two Soils from Different Regions – Charlene N. Kelly – Pedosphere

Water microbiome

Melting glacier impacts community structure of Bacteria, Archaea and Fungi in a Chilean Patagonia fjord – Marcelo H. Gutiérrez – Environmental Microbiology

Evaluation of water sampling methodologies for amplicon-based characterization of bacterial community structure – Christopher Staley – Journal of Microbiological Methods

Thesis: Bacterial Community Structure and Petroleum Hydrocarbon Degradation in the Baltic Sea – Anna Reunamo – University of Turku

Phages and viruses

Editorial: A CRISPR sense of self – Naomi Attar – Nature Reviews Microbiology

Bioinformatics and metagenomes

Nucleotide 9-mers Characterize the Type II Diabetic Gut Metagenome – Balazs Szalkai – ArXiv

CS-SCORE: Rapid identification and removal of human genome contaminants from metagenomic datasets – Mohammed Monzoorul Haque – Genomics

antiSMASH 3.0—a comprehensive resource for the genome mining of biosynthetic gene clusters – Tilmann Weber – Nucleic Acids Research

Review: Alignment of Next-Generation Sequencing Reads – Knut Reinert – Annual Review of Genomics and Human Genetics

Metabolic dependencies drive species co-occurrence in diverse microbial communities – Aleksej Zelezniak – PNAS USA

Functional Foods

Probiotics can improve the clinical outcomes of hepatic encephalopathy: An update meta-analysis – Li-Na Zhao – Clinics and Research in Hepatology and Gastroenterology

Microbes in the news

How Germs Might Shape the Future of Architecture – Vicky Gan – City Lab

FDA digging into hand cleaners in hospitals – Jonathan Eisen – MicroBEnet

Essay: The Fight Against the Fight Against the Fight Against Bacteria – Daniel Yin – University of Oxford

Freshman Biology, Creativity, and Extra Credit… – Mark O. Martin – MicrobesRule

You Asked: Should I Use Antibacterial Soap? – Markham Heid – Time
About Tim Spector book “The Diet Myth”: Fast food kills gut bacteria that can keep you slim, study finds – Daniel Costa-Roberts

About the Sonnenburgs’ book “The Good Gut”: To be healthy, take care of your microbiome – Kate Allen – The Start

Should you put yogurt on your face? The benefits of probiotics go beyond improved digestion – Victoria Dawson Hoff – Elle Beauty

My Archaea, My Brother – Genome Web

“This Idle No More movement is like bacteria, it has grown a life of its own all across this nation,” – RCMP apologizes for Idle No More ‘bacteria’ comparison – APTN

Calls for global database on bacteria contained in food – Channel News Asia

Antibiotic-Resistant Typhoid Spreading Abroad – Dennis Thompson – WebMD

“You may not want to eat lunch with Misty Bever”: Intestinal fortitude: There’s an illness lurking that causes chronic, debilitating pain. The cure, however, comes from deep within.– Dan England – The Tribune

Bik’s Picks

Mars sunsets are beautiful — and blue, NASA photo shows – Matthew T. Hall – UT San Diego

What do these new alien photos reveal about Roswell UFO crash – Sam Catherman – State Column

Google says its self-driving cars have had 11 crashes – Chris Woodyard – USA Today



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