May 8, 2015

Human oral microbiome

Published in Gut but also oral: Human buccal epithelium acquires microbial hyporesponsiveness at birth, a role for secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor – Celia L Menckeberg – Gut


Human gut microbiome

Cholesterol gallstones and bile host diverse bacterial communities with potential to promote the formation of gallstones – Yuhong Peng – Microbial Pathogenesis

Development of an enhanced human gastrointestinal epithelial culture system to facilitate patient-based assays – Kelli L VanDussen – Gut

Gut microbiome and innate immune response patterns in IgE-associated eczema – Christina E West – Clinical & Experimental Allergy

Review: The gut microbiome in autoimmunity: Sex matters – Andres Gomez – Clinical Immunology

Review: Chemical communication in the gut: Effects of microbiota-generated metabolites on gastrointestinal bacterial pathogens – Stefanie L. Vogt – Anaerobe

Special issue of Clinical Liver Disease about “Liver and the Microbiome”. Reviews include:

Human genital microbiome

The vaginal and gastrointestinal microbiomes in gynecologic cancers: A review of applications in etiology, symptoms and treatment – Dana Chase – Gynecologic Oncology

Animal models of microbiome

Effects of dietary inulin on bacterial growth, short-chain fatty acid production and hepatic lipid metabolism in gnotobiotic mice – Karolin Weitkunat – The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry

Plant root and soil microbiome

Covariation of soil bacteria functional diversity and vegetation diversity along an altitudinal climatic gradient in the Western Carpathians – Beata Klimek – Pedobiologia

Changes in fungal communities along a boreal forest soil fertility gradient – Erica Sterkenburg – New Phytologist

Water microbiome

Editorial without citation to the original Nature paper: Deep-ocean microbe is closest living relative of complex cells – Mitch Leslie – Science


Not all parasites are protective – Derek M. McKay – Parasite Immunology

Helminths and the microbiota: parts of the hygiene hypothesis – P. Loke – Parasite Immunology


Testing in Microbiome-Profiling Studies with MiRKAT, the Microbiome Regression-Based Kernel Association Test – Ni Zhao – AJHG

Sparse and Compositionally Robust Inference of Microbial Ecological Networks – Zachary D. Kurtz – PLOS Computational Biology

Demystifying computer science for molecular ecologists – Mahdi Belcaid and Robert J. Toonen


TM7 detection in human microbiome: Are PCR primers and FISH probes specific enough? – Maria V. Sizova – Journal of Microbiological Methods

Microbes in the news

Man’s Best Germs: Does Your Dog Influence Your Health? – Heather Buschman – UC San Diego

Video: Can Poop Cure an Infection? – Anna Rothschild – Gross science

Science, publishing, and career

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Neuroscience Career – Marian Joels – Neuron

Recommendation letters: Give women an even chance – Marcia McNutt – Science

Bik’s Picks
Spiders Sprayed with Graphene Spin Super-Strong Silk – Renee Morad – Discovery

Mmm, I always have mixed feelings about papers using these types of animal models. “We made this mouse blind. And then we cured it!” Light in sight: A step towards a potential therapy for acquired blindness – Science Daily

Grocery lists may help shoppers stick to healthier diet, lower weight – Reuters





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