Microbiome digest, December 2, 2014

General microbiome

Microbiome, holobiont and the net of life – Emiliano Salvucci – Critical Reviews in Microbiology

Pregnancy and birth

Infectious Causes of Necrotizing Enterocolitis – Sarah A. Coggins – Clinics in Perinatology

Human oral microbiome

Solving the etiology of dental caries – Aurea Simón-Soro, Alex Mira – Trends in Microbiology

Oral Microbiota in Crevices Around Dental Implants: Profiling of Oral Biofilm – Takuichi Sato – Interface Oral Health Science

Human respiratory microbiome

* Temporal profiling of the bacterial and fungal communities in ΔF508 adult cystic fibrosis sputum – Andrew Nelson – PeerJ Preprint

Human gut microbiome

* Comparative metabolomics in vegans and omnivores reveal constraints on diet-dependent gut microbiota metabolite production – Gary D Wu – Gut

Microbiome of death

* Initial insights into bacterial succession during human decomposition – Embriette R. Hyde – International Journal of Legal Medicine

Animal and other models of microbiome research

Natural killer T cells play a necessary role in modulating of immune-mediated liver injury by gut microbiota – Jianing Chen – Scientific Reports

Effect of stoned olive pomace on rumen microbial communities and polyunsaturated fatty acids biohydrogenation: an in vitro study – Grazia Pallara – BMC Veterinary Research

Successional changes in the chicken cecal microbiome during 42 days of growth are independent of organic acid feed additives – Brian B Oakley – BMC Veterinary Research

Animal microbiome

The role of host phylogeny varies in shaping microbial diversity in the hindguts of lower termites – Vera Tai – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Plant microbiome

Relocation, high-latitude warming and host genetic identity shape the foliar fungal microbiome of poplars – Miklós Bálint – Molecular Ecology

Soil and sediment microbiome

Distribution of sediment bacterial and archaeal communities in plateau freshwater lakes – Jingxu Zhang – Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

Effects of Phragmites invasion on soil microbial activity and structure in a brackish marsh – Keunyea Song – Plant and Soil

Water microbiome

* High temporal and spatial diversity in marine RNA viruses implies that they have an important role in mortality and structuring plankton communities – Julia A. Gustavsen – Frontiers in Microbiology

Impact of atmospheric deposition on the metabolism of coastal microbial communities

Sandra Martínez-García – Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science

Assessment of Bacterial and Archaeal Community Structure in Swine Wastewater Treatment Processes – Marcio Luis Busi Da Silva – Microbial Ecology

Food microbiology

Evaluation of microbial diversity in the pilot-scale beer brewing process by culture-dependent and culture-independent method – Masayuki Takahashi- Journal of Applied Microbiology

Pre- and probiotics

Recent developments in prebiotics to selectively impact beneficial microbes and promote intestinal health – Robert A. Rastall , Glenn R. Gibson – Current Opinion in Biotechnology

* The domestication of the probiotic bacterium Lactobacillus acidophilus – Matthew J. Bull – Scientific Reports

Microbes in the news

Mining industry could benefit from Wheatbelt discovery of salt and acid tolerant bacteria – Lucinda Jose – ABC Australia

Science, publishing, and career

The never-ending Ph.D. – By Adam Ruben – Science Careers

Clueless Reporter from the Mirror Bases Story on Withdrawn OMICS Publishing Group Article – Jeffrey Beall – ScholaryOA

The Next Enlightenment: Sharing Science With the World – Marietta DiChristina – Huffington Post

Bik’s Picks

Actor Alan Alda Challenges Scientists to Explain ‘What is Sleep?’ – Laura Geggel – LiveScience

Ability to consume alcohol may have shaped primate evolution – Sarah C. P. Williams – Science News

#Shirtgate inspires a Kickstarter for shirts covered in (science) ladies – Rachel Feltman – Washington Post



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