Microbiome digest, November 13, 2014

Microbiome of pregnancy and birth

Hyaluronan in cervical epithelia protects against infection-mediated preterm birth – Yucel Akgul – Journal of Clinical Investigation

The Impact of the Milk Glycobiome on the Neonate Gut Microbiota – Alline R. Pacheco – Annual Review of Animal Biosciences

Human oral microbiome

The oral microbiome and the immunobiology of periodontal disease and caries – Massimo Costalonga – Immunology Letters

Human gut microbiome

Intestinal microbiota as modulators of the immune system and neuro-immune system: impact on the host health and homeostasis – Carlos Magno da Costa Maranduba – Journal of Immunology Research

The role of the microbiota in inflammation, carcinogenesis, and cancer therapy – Amiran Dzutsev – European Journal of Immunology

Animal microbiome

The Insect Microbiome Modulates Vector Competence for Arboviruses – Natapong Jupatanakul – Viruses

Bacterial community structure in Apis florea larvae analyzed by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis and 16S rRNA gene sequencing – Prakaimuk Saraithong – Insect Science

Pezizomycotina dominates the fungal communities of South China Sea Sponges Theonella swinhoei and Xestospongia testudinaria – Liling Jin – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Plant microbiome

Plant lignin content altered by soil microbial community – Alison E. Bennett – New Phytologist

Bioreactor microbiome

Ciprofloxacin Residues in Municipal Biosolid Compost Do Not Selectively Enrich Populations of Resistant Bacteria – Caitlin P. Youngquist – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Food microbiology

Spatial Distribution of Bacterial Communities and Related Biochemical Properties in Luzhou-Flavor Liquor-Fermented Grains – Jia Zheng- Journal of Food Science

Bacterial Community Dynamics of Salted and Fermented Shrimp based on Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis – Kook-Il Han – Journal of Food Science


Microbiota-dependent metabolite trimethylamine-N-oxide is associated with disease severity and survival of patients with chronic heart failure – Marius Trøseid – Journal of Internal Medicine


* Performance Comparison of Illumina and Ion Torrent Next-Generation Sequencing Platforms for 16S rRNA-Based Bacterial Community Profiling – Stephen J. Salipante – Applied and Environmental Microbiome

Impact of T-RFLP data analysis choices on assessments of microbial community structure and dynamics – Nils Johan Fredriksson – BMC Bioinformatics

A Hidden Pitfall in the Preparation of Agar Media Undermines Microorganism Cultivability – Tomohiro Tanaka – Applied and Environmental Microbiome

Microbes in the news

Contamination plagues some microbiome studies – Elizabeth Pennisi – Science Magazine

37 Trillion Invaders: We Are Not Alone – Science 2.0

Spilling Our Guts: Decreased Diversity in the Human Microbiome (podcast) – ScienceFriday

Nature, as Well as Nurture, Shapes Human Gut Microbiome – Lara C. Pullen – Medscape

Enterome Enters into a Microbiome-Based Development Collaboration with AbbVie in Crohn’s Disease – PRNewsWire

Pillow germs: Testing revealed bacteria growing on bed pillows; how often you should replace them – KJRH

“The Lung Ranger” Cystic Fibrosis Device From Dundee University Wins 3 Awards – Anna Tan – CysticFibrosisNewsToday

Science and Career

The point of it all – Joseph Swift – Science Magazine

No sexism in science? Not so fast, critics say – Rachel Bernstein – Science Magazine



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