Microbiome digest, November 12, 2014

Another short installment of the Digest. Two studies on microbial DNA contamination in reagents and laboratories, and gut microbiome in Down Syndrome.
Human gut microbiome

* Gut Microbiome in Down Syndrome – Elena Biagi – PLOS ONE

* Superresolution Imaging Captures Carbohydrate Utilization Dynamics in Human Gut Symbionts – Krishanthi S. Karunatilaka – mBio

Microbiota Talks Cholera out of the Gut – Amanda J. Hay, Jun Zhu – Cell Host & Microbe


Animal microbiome

Comparative Metagenomic Analysis of Coral Microbial Communities Using a Reference-Independent Approach – Camila Carlos – PLOS ONE

The Effect of Antibiotics on Associated Bacterial Community of Stored Product Mites – Jan Kopecky – PLOS ONE


Metagenomic Insights into the RDX-Degrading Potential of the Ovine Rumen Microbiome – Robert W. Li – PLOS ONE

Plant microbiome

Functional Potential of Soil Microbial Communities in the Maize Rhizosphere – Xiangzhen Li – PLOS ONE

* Genome-wide association study of Arabidopsis thaliana leaf microbial community – Matthew W. Horton – Nature Communications

Environmental microbiome

A method for sampling microbial aerosols using high altitude balloons – N.C. Bryan – Journal of Microbiological Methods


(preprint already featured here in July, but now officially out)
* Reagent and laboratory contamination can critically impact sequence-based microbiome analyses – Susannah J Salter – BMC Biology

* Diverse and Widespread Contamination Evident in the Unmapped Depths of High Throughput Sequencing Data – Richard W. Lusk – PLOS ONE


Reconceptualising the beta diversity-environmental heterogeneity relationship in running water systems – Jani Heino – Freshwater Biology

Microbes in the news

* Contaminomics: Why Some Microbiome Studies May Be Wrong – Ed Yong – National Geographic

* The Kitome: Dealing with the reagent microbiome – Pat Schloss – Mothur.org

DNA Extraction Kits Contaminated – Kerry Grens – The Scientist

Bik’s Picks

Serotonin lies at the intersection of pain and itch – Bethany Brookshire – ScienceNews

Rainbow palette found in Brooklyn’s contaminated water – Aviva Rutkin – New Scientist

This did not work on my cats, but feel free to try:
‘Cat Circles’, The Amazing Phenomenon In Which a Cat Will Always Sit Inside a Circle on the Floor – Lori Dorn – Laughing Squid


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