June 11, 2022

Have a nice weekend! In this digest: An interesting study about the effect of various dietary fibers (e.g., arabinoxylan, inulin) on the human microbiome (Lancaster, Cell Host & Microbe). Additionally, this digest includes more papers about maternal IgG interplay with neonatal microbiome. 

Human and General Microbiome

Global, distinctive, and personal changes in molecular and microbial profiles by specific fibers in humans – Samuel M. Lancaster – Cell Host & Microbe

–> A preview for the paper: Stitching together a healthy gut microbiome with fiber – Thomas M Schmidt – Cell Host & Microbe

Maternal gut microbiome-induced IgG regulates neonatal gut microbiome and immunity – Katherine Z Sanidad – Science Immunology

Altered Metabolomics in Bipolar Depression With Gastrointestinal Symptoms – Xiang-Jie Guo – Frontiers in Psychiatry

Meta-analysis of mucosal microbiota reveals universal microbial signatures and dysbiosis in gastric carcinogenesis – Changan Liu – Oncogene

Gardnerella vaginalis induces matrix metalloproteinases in the cervicovaginal epithelium through TLR-2 activation – Kristin D Gerson – Journal of Reproductive Immunology

Beneficial Microbes and Compounds

Lactobacillus rhamnosus colonisation antagonizes Candida albicans by forcing metabolic adaptations that compromise pathogenicity – Raquel Alonso-Roman – Nature Communications

Honeys with anti-inflammatory capacity can alter the elderly gut microbiota in an ex vivo gut model – Daoyan Wu – Food Chemistry

Model Animal Microbiome

Human colon cancer-derived Clostridioides difficile strains drive colonic tumorigenesis in mice – Julia L Drewes – Cancer Discovery

Non-Model Animal Microbiome

Variation in gut microbiome structure across the annual hibernation cycle in a wild primate – Lydia K Greene – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

A high-throughput DNA sequencing study of fecal bacteria of seven Mexican horse breeds – Fernando Hernández-Quiroz – Archives of Microbiology

Species- and site-specific circulating bacterial DNA in Subantarctic sentinel mussels Aulacomya atra and Mytilus platensis – Sophia Ferchiou – Scientific Reports

Plant Microbiome

Review: The unsung roles of microbial secondary metabolite effectors in the plant disease cacophony – Lorena I Rangel – Current Opinion in Plant Biology

Plant-microbe interactions in the rhizosphere via a circular metabolic economy – Elisa Korenblum – The Plant Cell

Phyllosphere bacterial and fungal communities vary with host species identity, plant traits and seasonality in a subtropical forest – Mengjiao Li – Environmental Microbiome

Nitrogen availability determines plant growth promotion and the induction of root branching by the probiotic fungus Trichoderma atroviride in Arabidopsis seedlings – José López-Bucio – Archives of Microbiology

Environmental Microbiome

Review: Antibiotic resistant bacteria and genes in wastewater treatment plants: From occurrence to treatment strategies – Shengnan Li – The Science of the Total Environment

More Microbes

Perspective: Lessons From Insect Fungiculture: From Microbial Ecology to Plastics Degradation – Mariana O Barcoto – Frontiers in Microbiology

Insights into plastic biodegradation: community composition and functional capabilities of the superworm (Zophobas morio) microbiome in styrofoam feeding trials – Jiarui Sun – Microbial Genomics

Bioinformatics and Experimental Microbiome Analysis

DNA metabarcoding across disciplines: sequencing our way to greater understanding across scales of biological organization – Anna M Forsman – Integrative and Comparative Biology

Systematic cross-biospecimen evaluation of DNA extraction kits for long- and short-read multi-metagenomic sequencing studies – Jacqueline Rehner – Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics

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