May 24, 2019

Today we have a short Digest before the Memorial Day weekend in America. Highlights include a comparative metabolomic study on Mycobacterium tuberculosis and a live attenuated strain as a potential vaccine, a report on oral cavity resistome worldwide and last but not least, fossils of early fungi that are about 1 billion years old!

General microbiology

Quorum Sensing Circuits in the Communicating Mechanisms of Bacteria and Its Implication in the Biosynthesis of Bacteriocins by Lactic Acid Bacteria: a Review – Ourdia Kareb & Mohammed Aïder – Probiotics and Antimicrobial Proteins

** Early fungi from the Proterozoic era in Arctic Canada – Corentin C. Loron et al. – Nature

Antimicrobial resistance

** Preprint: Abundance and diversity of resistomes differ between healthy human oral cavities and gut – Victoria R. Carr et al. – bioRxiv

Human skin microbiome

Skin Microbiome Differences in Atopic Dermatitis and Healthy Controls in Egyptian Children and Adults, and Association with Serum Immunoglobulin E – Mohammed Ramadan et al. – OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology

Review: Microbiome and skin biology – Lunjani, Nonhlanhla et al. – Current opinion in allergy and clinical immunology

Human oral microbiome

Intra‐oral single site comparisons of periodontal and peri‐implant microbiota in health and disease – Xiao‐Lin Yu et al. – Clinical Oral Implants Research

Built environment microbiome

Spatial Gradients of Fungal Abundance and Ecology throughout a Damp Building – Bridget Hegarty et al. – Environmental Science & Technology Letters


** COMPARATIVE METABOLOMICS BETWEEN Mycobacterium tuberculosis AND THE MTBVAC VACCINE CANDIDATE – Caridad Díaz Navarro et al. – ACS Infectious Diseases

Animal microbiome

The Role of Tissue Type, Sampling and Nucleic Acid Purification Methodology on the Inferred Composition of Pacific Oyster (Crassostrea gigas) Microbiome – Erandi Pathirana et al. – Journal of Applied Microbiology

Plant, root and soil microbiome

Vertical distribution of microbial communities in chromium-contaminated soil and isolation of Cr(Ⅵ)-Reducing strains – Bang Liu & Guirong Su et al. – Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety

Preprint: Root development is maintained by specific bacteria-bacteria interactions within a complex microbiome – Omri M. Finkel et al. – bioRxiv

Microbes in the news

Microbiome: Small Organisms Play Big Shots in Plants – Soumya Kumar Sahoo et al. – Biomolecule Reports

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