April 29, 2018


Today’s digest has some interesting stuffs on vaginal microbiota, MRSA, AMF, microbes inside a library and lots more to get you through the weekend!

General microbiome

Marine sponge microbial association: Towards disclosing unique symbiotic interactions – GS Kiran – Marine Environmental Research

Multi-site human microbiome

The majority of MRSA colonized children not given eradication treatment are still colonized one year later. Systemic antibiotics improve the eradication rate – J Jörgensen – Infectious Diseases

Human respiratory microbiome

Biological exacerbation clusters demonstrate asthma and COPD overlap with distinct mediator and microbiome profiles  – MA Ghebre – Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Human vaginal microbiome

Assessment of microbiota:host interactions at the vaginal mucosa interface – P Pruski – Methods

Human gut microbiome

Review: New concepts on intestinal microbiota and the role of the non-absorbable antibiotics with special reference to rifaximin in digestive diseases – JS Bajaj – Digestive and Liver Disease

Review: Determinants of IBD Heritability: Genes, Bugs, and More – W Turpin – Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Fecal microbiome from patients with ulcerative colitis is potent to induce inflammatory responses – S Wang – International Immunopharmacology

A Prospective Metagenomic and Metabolomic Analysis of the Impact of Exercise and/or Whey Protein Supplementation on the Gut Microbiome of Sedentary Adults – O Cronin – mBio

Animal experiments 

The beneficial effects of Gracilaria lemaneiformis polysaccharides on obesity and the gut microbiota in high fat diet-fed mice – X Sun – Journal of Functional Foods

Modifications in gut microbiota and fermentation metabolites in the hindgut of rats after the consumption of galactooligosaccharide glycated with a fish peptide – W Jin – Food & Function

Pumpkin polysaccharide modifies the gut microbiota during alleviation of type 2 diabetes in rats – G Liu – International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

Prebiotic mannan-oligosaccharides augment the hypoglycemic effects of metformin in correlation with modulating gut microbiota – J Zheng – Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Animal microbiome 

Bacterial diversity in the feces of dogs with CPV infection – Y Zheng – Microbial Pathogenesis

Diversity, structure and sources of bacterial communities in earthworm cocoons – M Aira – Scientific Reports

Deleterious interaction between honeybees (Apis mellifera) and its microsporidian intracellular parasite Nosema ceranae was mitigated by administrating either endogenous or allochthonous gut microbiota strains. – SE Khoury – Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

Differential susceptibility of whitefly-associated bacteria to antibiotic as revealed by metagenomics analysis – Z-H Lv – Infection, Genetics and Evolution

Discovery of antimicrobial lipodepsipeptides produced by a Serratia sp. within mosquito microbiomes – J Ganley – ChemBioChem

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Preprint: Small-scale soil microbial community heterogeneity linked to landforms on King George Island, maritime Antarctica – Y Zhang – bioRxiv

Not only priming: Soil microbiota may protect tomato from root pathogens – M Chialva – Plant Signaling & Behavior

Natural revegetation of a semiarid habitat alters taxonomic and functional diversity of soil microbial communities – Y Guo – Science of The Total Environment

Response of soil microbes to a reduction in phosphorus fertilizer in rice-wheat rotation paddy soils with varying soil P levels – Y Wang – Soil and Tillage Research

Beneath the canopy: Linking drought-induced forest die off and changes in soil properties –  A Gazol – Forest Ecology and Management

Defoliation intensity and elevated precipitation effects on microbiome and interactome depend on site type in northern mixed-grass prairie – B Ma – Soil Biology and Biochemistry

Review: The rhizosphere microbiome: Significance in rhizoremediation of polyaromatic hydrocarbon contaminated soil – R Kotoky – Journal of Environmental Management

Inferring pathogen dynamics from temporal count data: the emergence of Xylella fastidiosa in France is probably not recent – S Soubeyrand – New Phytologist

Taxonomic and functional responses of soil microbial communities to annual removal of aboveground plant biomass – X Guo – Frontiers in Microbiology

Microbial communities of polluted sub-surface marine sediments – V Catania – Marine Pollution Bulletin

Contrasting responses of bacterial and fungal communities to aggregate-size fractions and long-term fertilizations in soils of northeastern China – H Liao – Science of The Total Environment

Mycorrhizal Networks Facilitate Tree Communication, Learning, and Memory – SW Simard – Memory and Learning in Plants

Effects of plant neighborhood on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal attributes in afforested zones – X Chen – Forest Ecology and Management

Metagenomic binning reveals versatile nutrient cycling and distinct adaptive features in alphaproteobacterial symbionts of marine sponges –  E Karimi – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Water and extremophile microbiome

Non-Psychrophilic Methanogens Capable of Growth Following Long-Term Extreme Temperature Changes, with Application to Mars – RL Mickol – Microorganisms

Built environment 

Obtaining green energy from dry-thermophilic anaerobic co-digestion of municipal solid waste and biodiesel waste – S Zahedi – Biosystems Engineering

Assessment of Indoor Microbial Quality of Library’s Premise: Case of Central Library of the University of Yaoundé I – KG Landry – Open Journal of Preventive Medicine

Impacts of Glutaraldehyde on Microbial Community Structure and Degradation Potential in Streams Impacted by Hydraulic Fracturing – MF Campa – Environmental Science & Technology

Microbial community composition and methanogens’ biodiversity during a temperature shift in a methane fermentation chamber – A Banach – Environmental Technology

Food microbiology

Unravelling the contribution of lactic acid bacteria and acetic acid bacteria to cocoa fermentation using inoculated organisms – VTT Ho – International Journal of Food Microbiology

Bacterial community of industrial raw sausage packaged in modified atmosphere throughout the shelf life – S Raimondi – International Journal of Food Microbiology

Purple lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) attenuates metabolic disorders in diet induced obesity – Y Han – Journal of Functional Foods

Effects of carbon dioxide on metabolite production and bacterial communities during kimchi fermentation – DH Park – Microbiology & Fermentation Technology



Metabolomics assisted metabolic network modeling and network wide analysis of metabolites in microbiology – J Wang – Critical Reviews in Biotechnology

Multi-omics approach identifies novel pathogen-derived prognostic biomarkers in patients with Pseudomonas aeruginosa bloodstream infection – M Willmann – bioRxiv

Review: Modelling upper respiratory tract diseases: getting grips on host-microbe interactions in chronic rhinosinusitis using in vitro technologies – CD Rudder –  Microbiome

5 – Analysis of Microbial Diversity: Regarding the (Paradoxical) Difficulty of Seeing Big in Metagenomics – C Vigliotti – Biodiversity and Evolution

Microbes in the news

You should probably clean your car’s interior NOW – Most germ-riddled areas REVEALED – Sunday Express

Drinking fermented probiotic beverage may lower blood pressure: Study – Deccan Chronicle

Investigation: Is the ‘five-second rule’ legitimate? – Philly Voice

Science, bacteria and recycled clothes at the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research – GoDanRiver

Beachful of bacteria – tgi

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