March 2, 2018

Events and jobs

Enter our ‘scientist at work’ photo contest – Nature

General microbiome

Review: To respond or not to respond — a personal perspective of intestinal tolerance – AM Mowat – Nature Reviews

“Candidatus Paraporphyromonas polyenzymogenes” encodes multi-modular cellulases linked to the type IX secretion system – AE Naas – BMC Microbiome

Human vaginal microbiome

Fractional CO2 laser for genitourinary syndrome of menopause in breast cancer survivors: clinical, immunological, and microbiological aspects – A Becorpi – Lasers in Medical Science

Human gut microbiome

Environment dominates over host genetics in shaping human gut microbiota – D Rothschild – Nature

The gut microbiota and immune checkpoint inhibitors – A Humphries – Human Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics

Probiotic supplementation increases obesity with no detectable effects on liver fat or gut microbiota in obese Hispanic adolescents: a 16-week, randomized, placebo-controlled trial. – RB Jones – Pediatric Obesity

Adaptation of adherent-invasive E. coli to gut environment: Impact on flagellum expression and bacterial colonization ability. – G Sevrin – Gut Microbes

Editorial: Gut microbiomes and their metabolites shape human and animal health – W Park –  Journal of Microbiology

Review: Current understanding of microbiota- and dietary-therapies for treating inflammatory bowel disease – T Eom – Journal of Microbiology

Review: Targeting friend and foe: Emerging therapeutics in the age of gut microbiome and disease – JA Cho – Journal of Microbiology

Review: Mind-altering with the gut: Modulation of the gut-brain axis with probiotics – N Kim – Journal of Microbiology

Gut microbial composition in patients with psoriasis – FM Codoñer – Scientific Reports

Clostridium scindens is present in the gut microbiota during Clostridium difficile infection. A metagenomic and culturomic analysis. – S Amrane – Journal of Clinical Microbiology

Letter to Editor: Microbiome and Esophageal Adenocarcinoma—Letter – NO Kaakoush – Cancer Research

Animal experiments 

Altered gut microbiome promotes proteinuria in mice induced by Adriamycin – Q Jiang – AMB Express

Functional Anthocyanin-Rich Sausages Diminish Colorectal Cancer in an Animal Model and Reduce Pro-Inflammatory Bacteria in the Intestinal Microbiota. – G Fernández – Genes (Basel)

Animal microbiome 

Assembly of 913 microbial genomes from metagenomic sequencing of the cow rumen – RD Stewart – Nature Communications

The Ruminococci: key symbionts of the gut ecosystem – AJL Reau – Journal of Microbiology

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Concepts & Synthesis: Toward more robust plant-soil feedback research – MJ Rinella – Ecology

Draft genome sequences of bacteria isolated from the Deschampsia antarctica phyllosphere. – FP Cid – Extremophiles

Competition–colonization tradeoffs structure fungal diversity – GR Smith – The ISME Journal

Water microbiome and extremophile 

Environmental factors driving fungal distribution in freshwater lake sediments across the Headwater Region of the Yellow River, China – J Tian – Scientific Reports

Community assembly processes underlying phytoplankton and bacterioplankton across a hydrologic change in a human-impacted river. – A Isabwe – The Science of the Total Environment

Modulation of microbial consortia enriched from different polluted environments during petroleum biodegradation – R Omrani – Biodegradation

Built environment 

‘Cyclical Bias’ in Microbiome Research Revealed by A Portable Germ-Free Housing System Using Nested Isolation – A Rodriguez-Palacios – Scientific Reports

Phages and viruses

Host-Associated Bacteriophage Isolation and Preparation for Viral Metagenomics – JA Grasis – Viral Metagenomics

Tailed giant Tupanvirus possesses the most complete translational apparatus of the known virosphere – J Abrahão – Nature Communications

Complete genomic sequences of Propionibacterium freudenreichii phages from Swiss cheese reveal greater diversity than Cutibacterium (formerly Propionibacterium) acnes phages – L Cheng – BMC Microbiology


Highly sensitive detection and quantification of the secreted bacterial benevolence factor RoxP using a capacitive biosensor: A possible early detection system for oxidative skin diseases. – G Ertürk – PLoS One

Review: Emerging Technologies for Molecular Diagnosis of Sepsis – M Sinha – Clinical Microbiology Reviews

Microbes in the news

Biofilm Replaces Plastic Packaging in this Dutch Supermarket Aisle – Futurism

For the Microbiome, the Nature vs. Nurture Debate Comes into Focus – GEN

With $36M series B, Finch goes full speed ahead in microbiome therapy – Fierce Biotech

Genetics or lifestyle: What is it that shapes our microbiome? – Science Daily

More than soap scum: Learning about biofilms – Silive

7 Startups Treating Disease Using the Microbiome – Nanalyze

ATM keypads, restaurant menus full of bacteria – News3Channel

Non-microbiology picks

Intellectual Synthesis in Mentorship Determines Success in Academic Careers – JF Lienard – bioRxiv


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