October 6, 2017

Events and jobs

Clinical Laboratory Technologist IV (SL-1), Microbiology Laboratory – Stony Brook University Hospital – Posting End Date: Nov 2, 2017, 11:59:00 PM

Assistant Professor in Microbiology – Emporia State University – Deadline- open until filled

Assistant Professor in Virology and Microbiome Research – Auburn University, Alabama – Deadline- open until filled

Faculty Position in Microbial Environmental Metagenomics and Bioinformatics – University of Kansas – Initial review of applications: Nov 14, 2017


General microbiome

A mechanism for prime-realignment during influenza A virus replication – J Oymans – bioRxiv



Human vaginal microbiome

Microbiome: Detecting diversity – C Humphries – Nature


Human gut microbiome

Prebiotics Mediate Microbial Interactions in a Consortium of the Infant Gut Microbiome. – DA Medina – International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Synthetic biology and the gut microbiome. – J Dou – Biotechnology Journal

The Gut and Its Microbiome as Related to Central Nervous System Functioning and Psychological Well-being: Introduction to the Special Issue of Psychosomatic Medicine. – EA Mayer – Psychosomatic Medicine

Functional Classification of the Gut Microbiota: The Key to Cracking the Microbiota Composition Code: Functional classifications of the gut microbiota reveal previously hidden contributions of indigenous gut bacteria to human health and disease. – CE Rosen – BioEssays : News and Reviews in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology.


Animal experiments 

Colonic thioguanine pro-drug: investigation of microbiome and novel host metabolism. – T Florin – Gut Microbes

The gastric microbiome, its interaction with Helicobacter pylori, and its potential role in the progression to stomach cancer – JM Noto – PLoS Pathogens

Review: Microbiota, cirrhosis, and the emerging oral-gut-liver axis. – C Acharya – JCI Insight


Animal microbiome 

Interactions of pathogenic and commensal strains of Mannheimia haemolytica with differentiated bovine airway epithelial cells grown at an air-liquid interface – D Cozens – bioRxiv

Ixodes scapularis does not harbor a stable midgut microbiome – BD Ross – bioRxiv


Plant, root and soil microbiome

Protists are an integral part of the Arabidopsis thaliana microbiome. – M Sapp – Environmental Microbiology

Fusarium verticillioides: Advancements in Understanding the Toxicity, Virulence, and Niche Adaptations of a Model Mycotoxigenic Pathogen of Maize. – AA Blacutt – Phytopathology

Linking nitrogen load to the structure and function of wetland soil and rhizosphere microbial communities – ER Hester – bioRxiv

Root-associated fungal microbiota of nonmycorrhizal Arabis alpina and its contribution to plant phosphorus nutrition. – J Almario – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Photochemical alteration of organic carbon draining permafrost soils shifts microbial metabolic pathways and stimulates respiration. – CP Ward – Nature Communications

Changes in the abundance and structure of bacterial communities in the greenhouse tomato cultivation system under long-term fertilization treatments – X Zhang – Applied Soil Ecology



Phages and viruses

Evolution: Zapping viral RNAs – SP Goff – Nature



Label-Free Proteomics of a Defined, Binary Co-culture Reveals Diversity of Competitive Responses Between Members of a Model Soil Microbial System. – JF Chignell – Microbial Ecology

Cryopreservation of artificial gut microbiota produced with in vitro fermentation technology. – L Bircher – Microbial Biotechnology

On the Reproduction Number of a Gut Microbiota Model. – C Barril – Bulletin of Mathematical Biology


Microbes in the news

Woods: The art of aging cheese – Lake Geneva News

Methane-Munching Bacteria Could Poop Out Your Future Clothes – Geek.com

XOMA (XOMA) Announces Multiple New License Agreements for Proprietary Phage Display Libraries – Biospace

Superbug superweapon: Identifying antibiotic-resistant bacteria in 30 minutes – New Atlas

New fundamental insight into the battle against bacteria – Science Daily

Ribaxamase Protects Gut Microbiome, Cuts Opportunistic C. diff Risk – MPR

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