September 24, 2017


Events and jobs

Microbiology Non Registered Technician – Seattle, Washington – Work Schedule: Sunday – Thursday, 11:00pm – 7:30am


General microbiome

The Gram-positive model organism Bacillus subtilis does not form detectable cardiolipin-specific lipid domains – AR Pogmore – bioRxiv



Multi-site human microbiome

USA300 MRSA lineages persist on multiple body sites following infection – TD Read – bioRxiv


Human oral microbiome

Review: The role of wine and food polyphenols in oral health – A Esteban-Fernández – Trends in Food Science & Technology


Human skin microbiome

The micro-evolution and epidemiology of Staphylococcus aureus colonization during atopic eczema disease flare – CP Harkins – Journal of Investigative Dermatology



Human gut microbiome

Chapter: Bifidobacteria: Ecology and Coevolution With the Host – F Turroni – The Bifidobacteria and Related Organisms

Stress Responses of Bifidobacteria: Oxygen and Bile Acid as the Stressors – S Kawasaki – The Bifidobacteria and Related Organisms

Gut microbiota and the liver.  – A Federico – Minerva Gastroenterologica e Dietologica.


Animal microbiome 

Chapter: Honeybee-Specific Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli – T Olofsson – The Bifidobacteria and Related Organisms

Antimicrobial resistant Escherichia coli in the reproductive tract microbiota of cows and sows – AT Luque – Comparative Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

Review: Mechanisms of Plasmodium-Enhanced Attraction of Mosquito Vectors – AO Busula – Trends in Parasitology

Social behavior in bees influences the abundance of Sodalis (Enterobacteriaceae) symbionts – BER Rubin – bioRxiv


Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Conservation tillage enhances the stability of the rhizosphere bacterial community responding to plant growth – Z Wang – Agronomy for Sustainable Development

Fungal community homogenization, shift in dominant trophic guild, and appearance of novel taxa with biotic invasion – MA Anthony – Ecosphere

Effects of exogenously applied salicylic acid and putrescine alone and in combination with rhizobacteria on the phytoremediation of heavy metals and chickpea growth in sandy soil. – N Khan – International Journal of Phytoremediation


Built environment

Medium shapes the microbial community of water filters with implications for effluent quality – M Vignola – Water Research


Food microbiology

Effects of the predominant bacteria from meju and doenjang on the production of volatile compounds during soybean fermentation – DW Jeong – International Journal of Food Microbiology

Predominant yeasts in Chinese traditional sourdough and their influence on aroma formation in Chinese steamed bread – T Liu – Food Chemistry

Chapter: Microbial Pigments From Bacteria, Yeasts, Fungi, and Microalgae for the Food and Feed Industries – L Dufossé – Food Dyes


Phages and viruses

An Insight into Phage Diversity at Environmental Habitats using Comparative Metagenomics Approach. – K Parmar – Current Microbiology



Isolation, Cultivation, and Storage of Bifidobacteria – M Modesto – The Bifidobacteria and Related Organisms

Filling Gaps in Bacterial Amino Acid Biosynthesis Pathways with High-throughput Genetics – M Price – bioRxiv

Evaluation of the impact of six different DNA extraction methods for the representation of the microbial community associated with human chronic wound infections using a gel-based DNA profiling method. – A Dilhari – AMB Express

Fecal microbiota transplantation: past, present and future perspectives. – S Bibbò – Minerva Gastroenterologica e Dietologica.


Microbes in the news

I Sent Away a Sample of My Poop, and Here’s What I Learned About My Health – Pop Sugar

DESPERATE ACT Mum-of-one who’s spent £37k on surgery now injects herself with BACTERIA in an attempt to look younger – The Sun

What’s Next for Assembly Biosciences Incorporated (NASDAQ:ASMB) After Having Less Shares Shorted?  – The Press Telegraph

Your Towels Are Way Dirtier Than You Think – Time

Cnidarians remotely control bacteria –

Mysterious flesh-eating bacteria is raging in Australia – ARS Technica

Lipid vesicles replace blood in new bacteria test –


Swiss startup says high-tech water filter can remove bacteria, viruses and plastic – Market Watch

Buruli ulcer: How to avoid being infected by gruesome flesh-eating bacteria –


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