November 18, 2016

Pathogens in rheumatoid arthritis, Staph in hog workers, pathogens in bat guano, host colonization determinants, microbes on New York ATM keypads.

Human oral microbiome

Clinical effects of probiotics containing Bacillus species on gingivitis: a pilot randomized controlled trial – B. Alkaya – Journal of Periodontal Research

Human respiratory microbiome

Livestock-Associated, Antibiotic-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Nasal Carriage and Recent Skin and Soft Tissue Infection among Industrial Hog Operation Workers – Maya Nadimpalli – PLOS ONE

Hog workers carrying livestock-related, drug-resistant bacteria may be developing skin infections – News Medical

Human gut microbiome

A method for automated pathogenic content estimation with application to rheumatoid arthritis – Xiaoyuan Zhou and Christine Nardini – BMC Systems Biology

Imbalance of bacteriome profiles within the Finnish Diabetes Prediction and Prevention study: Parallel use of 16S profiling and virome sequencing in stool samples from children with islet autoimmunity and matched controls – Ondrej Cinek – Pediatric Diabetes

Review: Diet, microorganisms and their metabolites, and colon cancer – Stephen J. D. O’Keefe – Nature Reviews Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Review: Gut microbiota and functional diseases of the gastrointestinal tract – Nicola Imperatore – Minerva Gastroenterologica e Dietologlica

Animal experiments

Gram-positive bacteria are held at a distance in the colon mucus by the lectin-like protein ZG16 – Joakim H. Bergström – PNAS

In beesGenome-wide screen identifies host colonization determinants in a bacterial gut symbiont – J. Elijah Powell – PNAS

A new pathway for the gut microbiota to modulate the brain: activation of pattern-recognition receptors by microbial products – P Zheng – Mol Psychiatry

The bacterial peptidoglycan-sensing molecule Pglyrp2 modulates brain development and behavior – T Arentsen – Mol Psychiatry

Animal microbiome

BatsMicrobiome analysis reveals the abundance of bacterial pathogens in Rousettus leschenaultii guano – Sunil Banskar – Scientific Reports

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Plant nodulation inducers enhance horizontal gene transfer of Azorhizobium caulinodans symbiosis island – Jun Ling – PNAS

Built environment microbiome

Microbial Community Patterns Associated with Automated Teller Machine Keypads in New York City – Holly M. Bik – mSphere

Food microbiome

Inferring the role of microorganisms in water kefir fermentations – Abigail Martínez-Torre – International Journal of Food Science & Technology

Microbes in the news

Australian Academy of Sciences announces 2017 honorific awardees, including infectious diseases professor Kathryn Elizabeth Holt

Common Skin Bacteria Could Save You From Other Skin Diseases – Monica U Santos – iTechPost
Skin bacterium releases enzyme that may protect against damage and disease – Catherine Paddock – Medical News Today

The Microbiome’s Role in Precision Medicine, with Jun Sun and Jack Gilbert – Kristen Thometz – WTTW

Microbes on the market

uBiome in the news: Startup will ‘DNA test’ your poop to analyze your gut health – Natural News

Bristol-Myers Squibb and Enterome Announce Immuno-Oncology Collaboration Focused on Microbiome-Derived Biomarkers, Drug Targets and Bioactive Molecules – BusinessWire

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