November 1, 2016

Ribosomal gene sequencing as a clinical diagnostic tool, probiotic microcins in the inflamed gut, toxic sugar metabolism by a bee symbiont, bacteria as indicators of soil condition, viruses of the human body.

General microbiome

Omics Approaches To Probe Microbiota and Drug Metabolism Interactions – Robert G. Nichols – Chemical Research in Toxicology

Review: Microbial interactions: ecology in a molecular perspective – Raíssa Mesquita Braga – Brazilian Journal of Microbiology

Human skin microbiome

Understanding the role of Propionibacterium acnes in acne vulgaris: the critical importance of skin sampling methodologies – Hélène Omer – Clinics in Dermatology

Human respiratory microbiome

Editorial: Macrolides, inflammation and the lung microbiome: untangling the web of causality – Robert P Dickson – Thorax

Review: A tale of two sites: how inflammation can reshape the microbiomes of the gut and lungs – Brittan S. Scales – Journal of Leukocyte Biology

Review: Emerging pathogenic links between microbiota and the gut–lung axis
– Kurtis F. Budden – Nature Reviews Microbiology

Human gut microbiome

16S rRNA Gene Sequencing as a Clinical Diagnostic Aid for Gastrointestinal-related Conditions – Daniel E Almonacid – bioRxiv

Detecting beer intake by unique metabolite patterns – Gözde Gürdeniz – Journal of Proteome Research

Metabolite and Microbiome Interplay in Cancer Immunotherapy – Caroline H. Johnson – Cancer Research

The infant gut microbiome correlates significantly with rotavirus vaccine response in rural Ghana – Vanessa C. Harris – Journal of Infectious Diseases
Could the gut microbiome be key to understanding and improving rotavirus vaccine performance in high disease burden settings? – Journal of Infectious Diseases

Fecal metabolomics in pediatric spondyloarthritis implicate decreased metabolic diversity and altered tryptophan metabolism as pathogenic factors – M L Stoll – Genes and Immunity

Can the composition of the intestinal microbiota predict the development of urinary tract infections? – Casper DJ den Heijer – Future Microbiology

Review: A tale of two sites: how inflammation can reshape the microbiomes of the gut and lungs – Brittan S. Scales – Journal of Leukocyte Biology

Review: Good Bugs, Bad Bugs in the Gut: The Role of Microbiota Dysbiosis in Chronic Gastrointestinal Consequences of Infection – Andre G Buret – American Journal of Gastroenterology

Review: Soy and Gut Microbiota: Interaction and Implication for Human Health – H Huang – J Agric Food Chem

Review: The gut microbiome and hypertension – M Pevsner-Fisher


Microcins mediate competition among Enterobacteriaceae in the inflamed gut – Martina Sassone-Corsi – Nature

Press: How good gut bacteria wrest control from the bad – Cosmos Magazine

Novel encapsulation improves recovery of probiotic strains in fecal samples of human volunteers – Volker Mai – Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

Psychobiotics and the Manipulation of Bacteria–Gut–Brain Signals – Amar Sarkar – Trends in Neurosciences

Press: Psychobiotics: What Do We Know and Where Do We Go? – Laurie Anne Walden – Contagion Live

Review: Eosinophils, probiotics, and the microbiome – Helene F. Rosenberg – Journal of Leukocyte Biology

Animal experiments

Sex differences in colonization of gut microbiota from a man with short-term vegetarian and inulin-supplemented diet in germ-free mice – Jing-jing Wang – Scientific Reports

Functional Characterization of Inflammatory Bowel Disease–Associated Gut Dysbiosis in Gnotobiotic Mice – Hiroko Nagao-Kitamoto – CMGH Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Obese Mice Fed a Diet Supplemented with Enzyme-Treated Wheat Bran Display Marked Shifts in the Liver Metabolome Concurrent with Altered Gut Bacteria – Dorothy A Kieffer – Journal of Nutrition

Animal microbiome

Metabolism of Toxic Sugars by Strains of the Bee Gut Symbiont Gilliamella apicola – Hao Zheng – mBio

Microenvironmental heterogeneity of gut compartments drives bacterial community structure in wood- and humus-feeding higher termites – Aram Mikaelyan – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Bacteria as emerging indicators of soil condition – Syrie M. Hermans – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Successive soybean-monoculture cropping assembles rhizosphere microbial communities for the soil suppression of soybean cyst nematode – M. Imran Hamid – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Exploring the Influence of Environmental Factors on Bacterial Communities within the Rhizosphere of the Cu-tolerant plant, Elsholtzia splendens – Longfei Jiang – Scientific Reports

Endophytic Bacillus cereus effectively controls Meloidogyne incognita on tomato plants through rapid rhizosphere occupation and repellent action – Haijing Hu – Plant Disease

Drivers of yeast community composition in the litter and soil of a temperate forest
Tereza Mašínová – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Transcriptomic responses of a simplified soil microcosm to a plant pathogen and its biocontrol agent reveal a complex reaction to harsh habitat – Michele Perazzolli – BMC Genomics

The root growth of wheat plants, the water conservation and fertility status of sandy soils influenced by plant growth promoting rhizobacteria – Naeem Khan – Symbiosis

Dynamics of bacterial communities in rice field soils as affected by different long-term fertilization practices – Jae-Hyung Ahn – Journal of Microbiology

Partitioning the effect of composition and diversity of tree communities on leaf litter decomposition and soil respiration – Mark Davidson Jewell – Oikos

Effects of Land use on the Structural Diversity of Soil Bacterial Communities in South Eastern Iran – Ghobad Jalali – Biosciences Biotechnology Research

Successive soybean-monoculture cropping assembles rhizosphere microbial communities for the soil suppression of soybean cyst nematode – M. Imran Hamid – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Antarctic strict anaerobic microbiota from Deschampsia antarctica vascular plants rhizosphere reveals high ecology and biotechnology relevance – Rafael José Marques Peixoto – Extremophiles

The influence of the host plant is the major ecological determinant of soil presence of the nitrogen-fixing root nodule symbiont, Cluster II Frankia – Kai Battenberg – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Review: Fungal endophytes and their interactions with plants in phytoremediation: A review – Zujun Deng – Chemosphere

Water and extremophile microbiome

Optical properties of dissolved organic matter relate to different depth-specific patterns of archaeal and bacterial community structure in the north Atlantic ocean – Elisa Guerrero-Feijóo

A computationally simplistic poly-phasic approach to explore microbial communities from the Yucatan aquifer as a potential sources of novel natural products – Miguel David Marfil-Santana – Journal of Microbiology

Food microbiology

Different flour microbial communities drive to sourdoughs characterized by diverse bacterial strains and free amino acid profiles – Giuseppe Celano – Frontiers in Microbiology

Built environment microbiome

Drinking water: One step forwards for the routine use of high-throughput DNA sequencing in environmental monitoring. An efficient and standardizable method to maximize the detection of environmental bacteria – Antonia Bruno – Microbiology Open

Weathering of a Roman Mosaic—A Biological and Quantitative Study on In Vitro Colonization of Calcareous Tesserae by Phototrophic Microorganisms – Addolorata Marasco – PLOS ONE

Bioinformatics and metagenomics

Phylogenetic Dirichlet-multinomial model for microbiome data – Yunfan Tang – arXiv

More microbiology

Bacterial evolution: Genomics of metabolic trade-offs – Martin F. Polz – Nature Microbiology

What’s in a Name? New Bacterial Species and Changes to Taxonomic Status from 2012 through 2015 – Erik Munson – Journal of Clinical Microbiology

Employment of Near Full-Length Ribosome Gene TA-Cloning and Primer-Blast to Detect Multiple Species in a Natural Complex Microbial Community Using Species-Specific Primers Designed with Their Genome Sequences – Huimin Zhang – Molecular Biotechnology

Review: A critical evaluation of ecological indices for the comparative analysis of microbial communities based on molecular datasets – Rico Lucas – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Microbes in the news

Viruses of the Human Body. Some of our resident viruses may be beneficial – Eric Delwart – The Scientist

Naval Special Warfare Trainees Face Tiny Enemy: Bacteria – Sara G. Miller – Live Science

Could a disrupted sleep also disturb your gut? – Fiona Pepper for The Health Report

Researchers think they’ve finally figured out why bacteria only causes acne in some peopleAnd how to stop it. – Fiona MacDonald – Science Alert

Microbes and the market

uBiome CEO Jessica Richman Joins Sean Parker, Maria Shriver, Arianna Huffington and Others, Speaking at Fortune Brainstorm HEALTH

Science, publishing, and career

2016 Life Sciences Salary Survey. Most researchers feel stimulated by their work but are dissatisfied with their compensation, according to this year’s results – Karen Zusi – The Scientist

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