February 3, 2016

Microbiome and risk for chemotherapy-induced colitis, fungal communities in boreal forest, and our new paper on marine mammal microbiotas!

Jobs and events

Postdoc in Metagenomics and Microbial Ecology – Linné Universitetet Kalmar, Sweden

General microbiome

Collection: The Human Microbiome – Cell Host & Microbe

Human gut microbiome

Intestinal microbiome analyses identify melanoma patients at risk for checkpoint-blockade-induced colitis – Krista Dubin – Nature Communications

Animal microbiome

My latest paper: Marine mammals harbor unique microbiotas shaped by and yet distinct from the sea – Elisabeth M. Bik – Nature Communications

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Experimental warming alters potential function of the fungal community in boreal forest – Kathleen K. Treseder – Global Change Biology

Microbes in the news

Stanford Researchers Uncover New Bacterial Diversity Inside U.S. Navy Dolphins – Steve Fyffe – Stanford CISAC

What makes Listeria deadly – Nature

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria thriving in Galway’s sewers – Thérèse Hannon – Connacht Tribune

Plush pandemic: Colossal microbes taking over the world. Interview with Drew Oliver, creator of Giant Microbes – Andrew Jermy

Altru microbiologists discover bacteria, name it ‘altruii’ – Jennifer Johnson – Grand Forks Herald

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria May Have Met Their Match – Sheila Foran – University of Connecticut

Fil-Am microbiology student receives scholar award at the 28th CSU Biotechnology Symposium – Asian Journal

Qiagen NV: New agreements underscore QIAGEN’s leadership in bioinformatics – The Wall Street Transcript

Science, publishing, and career

Reproducibility: A tragedy of errors – David B. Allison – Nature

Want to correct the scientific literature? Good luck – Alison McCook – Retraction Watch

Counselling: Knowledge is power: finding a mentor outside the lab – Paul Smaglik – Nature

Chicago Professor Resigns Amid Sexual Misconduct Investigation – Amy Harmon – New York Times

Bik’s Picks

The Weird Thing About Cat Legs – Ed Yong – The Atlantic

Doctors Rank Hazardous and Healthy Hospital Food Environments – Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine


One thought on “February 3, 2016

  1. Congrats on your paper!

    Perhaps the most modest statement in the paper — knowing your expertise with ARB and the amount of time/work this takes: “The alignment was further perfected by manual optimization”

    To me one of the most intriguing findings in your paper was learning that the dolphin oral microbiota is significantly more diverse than other sampled sites yet paradoxically is the most stable. Given that it is perhaps subjected to environmental factors the most from all samples just makes this even more interesting!

    Congrats, and thanks for this resource!


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