January 21, 2015

Today’s digest features the microbiome of chewing gum, infants of stressed-out moms, growing segmented filamentous bacteria, and a YouTube video with Jack Gilbert.

Chewing gum microbiome

Quantification and Qualification of Bacteria Trapped in Chewed Gum – Stefan W. Wessel – PLOS ONE

Human gut microbiome

Review: Gut microbial metabolism and colon cancer: Can manipulations of the microbiota be useful in the management of gastrointestinal health? – Antoaneta Belcheva – BioEssays

Microbiome of pregnancy and birth

Maternal Prenatal Stress is Associated with the Infant Intestinal Microbiota – Maartje A.C. Zijlmans – Psychoneuroendocrinology (which is a nice word for Scrabble or Hangman)

Animal and other models of microbiome research

Growth and host interaction of mouse segmented filamentous bacteria in vitro – Pamela Schnupf – Nature

Signaling between two interacting sensor kinases promotes biofilms and colonization by a bacterial symbiont – Allison N. Norsworthy and Karen L. Visick – Molecular Microbiology

Soil microbiome

Pyrosequencing analysis of a bacterial community associated with lava-formed soil from the Gotjawal forest in Jeju, Korea – Jong-Shik Kim – Microbiology Open

Water microbiome

Origins and environmental mobility of antibiotic resistance genes, virulence factors and bacteria in a tidal creek’s watershed – A.L. Barkovskii – Journal of Applied Microbiology


Reduced neonatal regulatory T cell response to microbial stimuli associates with subsequent eczema in high-risk infants – Intan H. Ismail – Pediatric Allergy and Immunology


Biological interpretation of genome-wide association studies using predicted gene functions – Tune H. Pers – Nature Communications

Microbes in the news

YouTube video with Jack Gilbert: Invisible Influence: A Bacterial Guide to Your Health – Argonne OutLoud on YouTube

Commensal Defense: Beneficial gut bacteria have evolved resistance to antimicrobial peptides that hosts release to fight pathogens – Kate Yandell – The Scientist

GM microbes created that can’t escape the lab – Engineered bacteria kept in check with a designer diet – Elie Dolgin – Nature

SDSU Hosts the “Year of the Phage” – Jeneene Chatowsky and Michael Price – San Diego State University

Novel IBD microbiome drug advanced to phase 1 trial – Healio

Optibiotix unlocking the mysteries of the human microbiome – Ian Lyall – Proactive Investors

New bacterial ‘language’ discovered: Previously unknown communication pathway – Science Daily

Science, publishing and career

Turning point: Swati Padmaraj – Scott Kraft – Nature

Time management: Seize the moment – Jeffrey M. Perkel – Nature

How to recruit a good bioinformatician – Opiniomics

Science and Art

Micro Masterpiece: The artful science of Tom Deerinck, a micrographer who consistently places in Nikon’s Small World competition – Jef Akst – The Scientist

Bik’s Picks

The Science Behind Deflated Footballs – Erin Blakemore – Smithsonian

Science gets its moment in Obama’s 2015 State of the Union – David Malakoff – Science

The Namer: Carl Linnaeus’s lasting impact on biological science – Kerry Grens – The Scientist



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