January 7, 2015

Human skin microbiome

Commensal–dendritic-cell interaction specifies a unique protective skin immune signature – Shruti Naik – Nature

Human gut microbiome

Human gut Bacteroidetes can utilize yeast mannan through a selfish mechanism – Fiona Cuskin – Nature

Animal models of microbiome research

Precision microbiome reconstitution restores bile acid mediated resistance to Clostridium difficile – Charlie G. Buffie – Nature

Animal microbiome

Antibiotics in ingested human blood affect the mosquito microbiota and capacity to transmit malaria – Mathilde Gendrin – Nature Communications

The putative functional ecology and distribution of archaeal communities in sponges, sediment and seawater in a coral reef environment – Ana R. M. Polónia – Molecular Ecology

Plant microbiome

Plant-Plant-Microbe Mechanisms Involved in Soil-Borne Disease Suppression on a Maize and Pepper Intercropping System – Min Yang – PLOS ONE

Water microbiome

Adapt or Die on the Highway To Hell: Metagenomic Insights into Altered Genomes of Firmicutes from the Deep Biosphere – Brandon Briggs, Frederick Colwell – AGU Fall Meeting San Francisco

Biodiversity hot spot on a hot spot: novel extremophile diversity in Hawaiian fumaroles – Kate Wall – Microbiology Open


Binpairs: Utilization of Illumina Paired-End Information for Improving Efficiency of Taxonomic Binning of Metagenomic Sequences – Anirban Dutta – PLOS ONE


Isolation and Characterization of Faecalibacterium prausnitzii from Calves and Piglets – Carla Foditsch – PLOS ONE


A new antibiotic kills pathogens without detectable resistance – Losee L. Ling – Nature

Phages and viruses

Impact of Spontaneous Prophage Induction on the Fitness of Bacterial Populations and Host-Microbe Interactions – Arun M. Nanda – Journal of Bacteriology

More microbes

The Rebirth of Culture in Microbiology through the Example of Culturomics To Study Human Gut Microbiota – Jean-Christophe Lagier – Clinical Microbiology Reviews

Current and Past Strategies for Bacterial Culture in Clinical Microbiology – Jean-Christophe Lagier – Clinical Microbiology Reviews

Microbes in the news

How bacteria control their size – Diana Lutz – Washington University in St. Louis

Nestlé Health Science Invests $65M in Microbiome Therapy Startup – Drug Discovery and Development
Deep bacteria may evolve even without passing genes on – Colin Barras – New Scientist

Enough with the cleaning – it’s time we stopped giving bacteria such a hard time – Emer Sexton – Irish Examiner

Skin microbes trigger specific immune responses – Science Daily

Beer, bread yeast-eating bacteria aid human health – Science Daily

Science, publishing, career

Outreach: Speak up for science – Virginia Gewin – Nature

Science at risk as young researchers increasingly denied research grants – Phys.org

Science, in the Words of Alan Alda – Jessica Lahey – The Atlantic

University or University of Life? Neither provides workers with necessary people skills – Science Daily

English Is the Language of Science. That’s lousy luck for scientists in most of the world – Boer Deng – Slate.com

Bik’s Picks

Forget the selfish gene: Evolution of life is driven by the selfish ribosome, research suggests – Science Daily

Search for the First True Alien Earth Heats Up – Mike Wall – Space.com



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