Digest May 27, 2014

Today’s Picks feature thousand cultured GI tract species, host-microbiome interactions during pregnancy, metagenome assemblies using Hi-C, and the microbiomes of snow leopards and possums.

Human microbiome general

Human Gut Microbiome

Pregnancy and birth microbiome

Respiratory tract microbiome

Mammalian microbiome

Amphibian microbiome

Insect microbiome

Fish microbiome

Animal and bioreactor models of gut microbiome

Environmental microbiome

Microbiome and Metabolomics

Phages and viruses

  • Beyond Antibiotics – “Today there is renewed interest in phages as warnings intensify that a “post-antibiotic” era looms” – Roger Highfield – Newsweek

Infection, sepsis, and host response

Microbial Ecology papers

Arsenic metabolism

Chromosome organization

General lab techniques papers

Dr. Bik’s Picks


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