May 13, 2018


Today’s post is short but interesting: a study on Green tea consumption’s affect on the microbiome, a review on skin allergies, and another review on the saliva and its affects on the oral microbiome.

Multi-site human microbiome

Invasive candidiasis – Peter G. Pappas, Nature Reviews

Green tea liquid consumption alters the human intestinal and oral microbiome – Xiaojie Yuan, Molecular Nutrition and Food Research

Human skin microbiome

The ins and outs of an ‘outside-in’ view of allergies: atopic dermatitis and allergy prevention – Marcus Shaker, Current Opinion in Pediatrics

Human gut microbiome

Effects of synbiotics on ileal microbiota – Shunichiro Komatsu, Indian Journal of Medical Research

Microbial and metabolic multi‐omic correlations in systemic sclerosis patients – Chiara Bellocchi, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

Fecal Clostridiales distribution and short‐chain fatty acids reflect bowel habits in irritable bowel syndrome – Giorgio Gargari, Environmental Microbiology

Gut microbial diversity is associated with lower arterial stiffness in women – Cristina Menni, European Heart Journal

Human oral microbiome

Saliva in the “Omics” era: a promising tool in Paediatrics – Eftychia Pappa, Oral Diseases

Animal experiments

High turnover of faecal microbiome from algal feedstock experimental manipulations in the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) – Ariel Levi Simons, Microbial Biotechnology

Effects of moderate, voluntary ethanol consumption on the rat and human gut microbiome – Kassi L. Kosnicki, Addiction Biology

Fecal microbiome of periparturient dairy cattle and associations with the onset of Salmonella shedding – Lohendy Muñoz-Vargas, Plos One

Procyanidin B2 protects against d-galactose-induced mimetic aging in mice: Metabolites and microbiome analysis – Ying Xiao, Food and Chemical Toxicology

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Remediation of saline soils contaminated with crude oil using the halophyte Salicornia persica in conjunction with hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria – Ali Ebadi, Journal of Environmental Management

Impact of transgenic Cry1Ac + CpTI cotton on diversity and dynamics of rhizosphere bacterial community of different root environments – Peng Li, Science of The Total Environment

Potential use of high-throughput sequencing of soil microbial communities for estimating the adverse effects of continuous cropping on ramie (Boehmeria nivea L. Gaud) – Siyuan Zhu, Plos One

Microbes in space

Furnishing spaceship environment: evaluation of bacterial biofilms on different materials used inside International Space Station – Elena Perrin, Research in Microbiology

Food microbiology

Diversity and fate of spore forming bacteria in cocoa powder, milk powder, starch and sugar during processing: A review – Ana Paula Maciel Pereira, Trends in Food Science & Technology


Development of a 16S rRNA-targeted fluorescence in situhybridization probe for quantification of the ammonia-oxidizer Nitrosotalea devanaterra and its relatives – C.X. Restrepo-Ortiz, Systematic and Applied Microbiology


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