February 4, 2018

Today’s digest is full of exciting papers and a great think piece on the questionable research practices.

General Microbiome

REVIEW:The impact of human activities and lifestyles on the interlinked microbiota and health of humans and of ecosystems. Flandroy L. Science of The Total Environment

REVIEW: Designer microbiomes for environmental, energy and health biotechnology. Strous M. Current Opinion in Microbiology

Microbiome and atrial fibrillation. Mishima RS. International Journal of Cardiology

Gut Microbiome 

REVIEW:Role of gut microbiota and oxidative stress in the progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease to hepatocarcinoma: Current and innovative therapeutic approaches. Borrelli A. Redox Biology


In vitro digestibility and prebiotic potential of curdlan (1 → 3)-β-d-glucan oligosaccharides in Lactobacillus species. Shi Y. Carbohydrate Polymers

No appendix necessary: Fecal transplants and antibiotics can resolve Clostridium difficile infection. Joshi T. Journal of Theoretical Biology.


Evidence of independent acquisition and adaption of ultra-small bacteria to human hosts across the highly diverse yet reduced genomes of the phylum Saccharibacteria. McLean JS. bioRxiv

Ethical Shades of Gray: Questionable Research Practices in Health Professions Education. Artino AR. bioRxiv

Plant, Soil, and Water Microbiome

Biogeography and ecological processes affecting root-associated bacterial communities in soybean fields across China. Zhang B. Science of The Total Environment

Shift in the microbial community composition of surface water and sediment along an urban river. Wang L. Science of The Total Environment

REVIEW:Veterinary antibiotics (VAs) contamination as a global agro-ecological issue: A critical view. Kuppusamy S. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Rubber plantation ageing controls soil biodiversity after land conversion from cassava. Peerawat M. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Animal Experiment and Microbiome  

Gut microbiota modulates alcohol withdrawal-induced anxiety in mice. Xiao HW. Toxicology Letters

 Microbes in the News

Mosquitoes infected with bacteria to make them infertile released in battle against viruses.

-The Independent

Computer models reveal best way to kill deadly bacteria


Bacteria produce gold by digesting toxic metals


SA start-up tackles deadly global bacteria









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