August 16, 2016

Gut microbiome and drug metabolism, bacteria and concrete, transposons in metagenomes.

Note: My lab does not longer allow me to run this blog under work hours, so I will do all my literature searches in my free time from now on. 😦 Not sure how this will affect the contents and frequency, but this is such a sad development. My sincere apologies! I will still strive to have a good representation of the new literature in the microbiome field, even it this means I will have to prepare this post at 1 AM (as I do now)

Pregnancy and birth

Review: The human gut microbiota in perinatology and neonatology – Josef Neu – Seminars in Fetal and Neonatal Medicine

Human oral microbiome

PCR-based detection of composite transposons and translocatable units from oral metagenomic DNA – Supathep Tansirichaiya – FEMS Microbiology Letters
Animal microbiome

Insights into Symbiont Population Structure among Three Vestimentiferan Tubeworm Host Species at Eastern Pacific Spreading Centers – Maëva Perez – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Human gut microbiome

Review: Gut Microbiome Interactions with Drug Metabolism, Efficacy and Toxicity – Ian D. Wilson – Translational Research

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Methyl Mercury Formation in Hillslope Soils of Boreal Forests: The Role of Forest Harvest and Anaerobic Microbes – Rose-Marie Kronberg – Environmental Science & Technology

Divergent habitat filtering of root and soil fungal communities in temperate beech forests – Kezia Goldmann – Scientific Reports

Extremophile microbiome

First insight into microbial diversity and ion concentration in the Uyuni salt flat, Bolivia – Cesar A. Perez-Fernandez – Caribbean Journal of Science

Built environment microbiome

Analysis of bacterial communities in and on concrete – Julia A. Maresca – Materials and Structures


Exploring divergent antibiotic resistance genes in ancient metagenomes and discovery of a novel beta-lactamase family – Nicolás Rascovan – Environmental Microbiology Reports

Microbes in the news

Book Review: Multitudes of Praises for Ed Yong’s “I Contain Multitudes” – Anne Estes – Mostly Microbes

The Slow Growth Movement – Or Why Microbiologists May Have Been Doing it All Wrong – Jeffrey Marlow – Discover Magazine

Discharge pipe could be source of bacteria at Oxford treatment plant – Zach Tyler – The Anniston Star

6 thoughts on “August 16, 2016

  1. I am so sorry to hear about this development!! I feel like so many people underestimate the importance nowadays of blogs, twitter accounts or other forms of ‘social’ media to connect the scientific community to itself but also to the public.
    Thank you for your effort!

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  2. Sorry to hear that Elisabeth… considering you started this because you felt you needed to be up-to-date with research for your role (and the blog was just an after thought) it does seem a shame


  3. Very sorry to hear about the sad development. This blog greatly benefits my understanding of the current literature on all kinds of fields in microbiome research. I wonder if we can write a letter together to your boss to indicate the support and need for this wonderful Digest!

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