June 9, 2016

Salivary microbiome in Behcet’s disease, microbial RNA in human blood, acetate implied in metabolic syndrome, effects of fire retardant on plant–microbe interactions, and a book about the marine microbiome.


ASM Microbe TweetUp: Friday June 17, 11.45-12:30, in the Peer-to-Peer Exchange Zone (in the Exhibition Hall)

Focused meeting: Molecular Biology of Archaea 5, London, UK, 1-3 August 2016

Pregnancy and birth

Infant Early Gut Colonization by Lachnospiraceae: High Frequency of Ruminococcus gnavus – Valeria Sagheddu – Frontiers in Pediatrics

Review: The microbiome during pregnancy and early postnatal life – Josef Neu – Seminars in Fetal and Neonatal Medicine

Review: The human milk microbiome and factors influencing its composition and activity – Carlos Gomez-Gallego – Seminars in Fetal and Neonatal Medicine

Human blood microbiome

Total RNA Sequencing reveals microbial communities in human blood and disease specific effects – Serghei Mangul – bioRxiv

Human mouth microbiome

A Study of the Variation in the Salivary Peptide Profiles of Young Healthy Adults Acquired Using MALDI-TOF MS – Andrei Prodan – PLOS ONE

Sequencing of 16S rRNA reveals a distinct salivary microbiome signature in Behçet’s disease – Patrick Coit – Clinical Immunology

Human gut microbiome

Review: What’s bugging your teen? —The microbiota and adolescent mental health – Karen-Anne McVey Neufeld – Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews

Bio-banking gut microbiome samples – Shankar Bolan – EMBO Reports

Animal experiments

Acetate mediates a microbiome–brain–β-cell axis to promote metabolic syndrome – Rachel J. Perry – Nature

Press: How altered gut microbes cause obesity – Science Daily
Fecal Transplant Shows Gut Microbes Cause Obesity – In Rats, Anyway – Science 2.0

Sex-specific Effects of Arsenic Exposure on the Trajectory and Function of the Gut Microbiome – Liang Chi – Chemical Research in Toxicology

Taxonomic assessment of rumen microbiota using total RNA and targeted amplicon sequencing approaches – Fuyong Li – Frontiers in Microbiology

Environmental filtering decreases with fish development for the assembly of gut microbiota – Qingyun Yan – Environmental Microbiology

Animal microbiome

Bacterial Community Diversity Harboured by Interacting Species – Mikaël Bili – PLOS ONE

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Cascading effects of fire retardant on plant–microbe interactions, community composition, and invasion – Abigail Marshall – Ecological Applications

Temperature sensitivity of soil microbial communities: An application of macromolecular rate theory to microbial respiration – Charlotte J. Alster – Journal of Geophysical Research

Selection and evaluation of microorganisms for biocontrol of Verticillium dahliae in olive – A Varo – Journal of Applied Microbiology

Influence of plant genotype on the cultivable fungi associated to tomato rhizosphere and roots in different soils – Anna Poli – Fungal Biology

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities in buffelgrass pasture under intercropping and shading systems in Brazilian semiarid conditions – Karen M.S. Menezes – Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Evolution of High Cellulolytic Activity in Symbiotic Streptomyces through Selection of Expanded Gene Content and Coordinated Gene Expression – Adam J. Book – PLOS Biology

Press: Chemistry lessons from bacteria may improve biofuel production – Science Daily

Review: Streptomyces as a plant’s best friend? – Tom Viaene – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Water and extremophile microbiome

Light availability regulates the response of algae and heterotrophic bacteria to elevated nutrient levels and warming in a northern boreal peatland – Lily Y. Gu – Freshwater Biology

Metagenomic covariation along densely sampled environmental gradients in the Red Sea – Luke R Thompson – bioRxiv

Microbial community structure of Arctic seawater as revealed by pyrosequencing – Yang Li – Acta Oceanologica Sinica

A snapshot on spatial and vertical distribution of bacterial communities in the eastern Indian Ocean – Jing Wang – Acta Oceanologica Sinica

Pond Crash Forensics: Presumptive identification of pond crash agents by next generation sequencing in replicate raceway mass cultures of Nannochloropsis salina – Laura T. Carney – Algal Research

Detection of antibiotic-resistant bacteria endowed with antimicrobial activity from a freshwater lake and their phylogenetic affiliation – Zothanpuia – PeerJ

Microbial diversity in lake–river ecotone of Poyang Lake, China – Xiaolan Huang – Environmental Earth Sciences

Book: The Marine Microbiome. An Untapped Source of Biodiversity and Biotechnological Potential – Lucal J. Stal, Mariana Silvia Cretoiu – Springer

Food microbiology

Bacterial dynamics and functional analysis of microbial metagenomes during ripening of Dutch-type cheese – Davide Porcellato – International Dairy Journal

Pollution and waste microbiology

Chronic exposure to triclosan sustains microbial community shifts and alters antibiotic resistance gene levels in anaerobic digesters – Daniel Carey – Environ Sci Processes Impacts

Computational models of microbiome research, bioinformatics

Synergistic elimination of bacteria by phage and the immune system – Chung Yin (Joey) Leung – bioRxiv

A new way to publish metagenomics studies – Folker Meyer – BioMed Central


RNA-stable isotope probing: from carbon flow within key microbiota to targeted transcriptomes – Tillmann Lueders – Current Opinion in Biotechnology

More microbiology

Centenary of the death of Elie Metchnikoff: A visionary and an outstanding team leader
Jean-Marc Cavaillon – Microbes and Infection

Microbes in the news

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Students Isolate Potentially Novel Soil-Dwelling Viruses – PR Web

Yuck factor may boost hand hygiene compliance: Interview with Ashley Gregory – EurekAlert

Europe orders Italians to cut down olive trees infected with bacteria – Nick Squires – The Telegraph

It’s Not Just Restaurants—Scientists Are Fascinated With Fermented Foods Too – Jane Lear – Take Part

Science, publishing, and career

Differences in incomes of physicians in the United States by race and sex: observational study – Dan P. Ly – British Medical Journal

Press: White male doctors earn 35 percent more than black male doctors – Jennifer Adaeze Okwerekwu – STAT News

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