February 19, 2016

My PhD anniversary today! Today I found papers on primary sclerosing cholangitis, fungi from goat guts, dispersal from biofilms.

Human gut microbiome

The gut microbial profile in patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis is distinct from patients with ulcerative colitis without biliary disease and healthy controls – Martin Kummen – Gut

Review: Obesity, Asthma, and the Microbiome – Youngji Cho – Physiology

Microbiology of infection

Bacterial biofilm infection detected in breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma – Hu, Honghua – Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Animal models

Peripheral Lymphoid Volume Expansion and Maintenance Are Controlled by Gut Microbiota via RALDH+ Dendritic Cells – Zongde Zhang – Immunity

Important Metabolic Pathways and Biological Processes Expressed by Chicken Cecal Microbiota – Ondrej Polansky – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Lingonberries reduce atherosclerosis in Apoe-/- mice in association with altered gut microbiota composition and improved lipid profile – Chrysoula Matziouridou – Molecular Nutrition & Food Research

Emerging role of lipid droplets in Aedes aegypti immune response against bacteria and Dengue virus – Ana Beatriz Ferreira Barletta – Scientific Reports

Animal microbiome

GoatsEarly-branching gut fungi possess a large, comprehensive array of biomass-degrading enzymes – Kevin V. Solomon – Science

Identification of Specialists and Abundance-Occupancy Relationships among Intestinal Bacteria of Aves, Mammalia, and Actinopterygii – Hyatt C. Green – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Mucosal immunoglobulins at respiratory surfaces mark an ancient association that predates the emergence of tetrapods – Zhen Xu – Nature Communications

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Opposing phylogenetic diversity gradients of plant and soil bacterial communities – Marta Goberna – Proceedings of the Royal Society B

Water microbiome

Functional metagenomic screen reveals new and diverse microbial rhodopsins – Alina Pushkarev – The ISME Journal

Ultrafiltration and Microarray for Detection of Microbial Source Tracking Marker and Pathogen Genes in Riverine and Marine Systems – Xiang Li – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Pathogens in Ornamental Waters: A Pilot Study – Maria Nascimento – MDPI Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health

More Microbiology

What Makes a Bacterial Species Pathogenic? Comparative Genomic Analysis of the Genus Leptospira – Derrick E. Fouts – PLOS NTD

Go Forth and Colonize: Dispersal from Clinically Important Microbial Biofilms – Priya Uppuluri – PLOS Pathogens

Microbes in the news

Fungi from goats’ guts could lead to better biofuels – Matt McGrath – BBC News

Mapping the microbes in your mouth: We spoke to lead author Dr Gary Borisy about the research published in PNAS this month. – Microbe Post

Penn Study Reveals How Fish Control Microbes Through Their Gills – PennNews

93% of Israel’s Fresh Chicken Has Dangerous Bacteria (Campylobacter) – Forward

Electroporation 2.0: Breaking through the bacteria barrier: New microfluidic device may speed up DNA insertion in bacteria, the first step in genetic engineering – MIT News

Gut Microbes and Milk Compounds Tackle Childhood Malnutrition – Pat Bailey – UC Davis

Porcine Probiotic May Help Protect Gut Health – Susan Bubak – University of Guelph
Could Fecal Transplants From Rich Children Help Starving Kids in Africa? – Kari Paul – Motherboard

BiofilmDNA oral microbial salivary test to be launched by Oravital Inc. during 2016 Chicago Midwinter Meeting – DentistryIQ



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