January 24, 2016

Antibiotic therapy in preterm labor, shrimp microbial dynamics, volcanic desert on Mount Fuji, coffee processing, and Antarctic permafrost limits microbial life.

Pregnancy and birth

Antibiotic Therapy Increases the Risk of Preterm Birth in Preterm Labor without Intra-Amniotic Microbes, but may Prolong the Gestation Period in Preterm Labor with Microbes, Evaluated by Rapid and High-Sensitive PCR System – Satoshi Yoneda – American Journal of Reproductive Immunology

Human gut microbiome

Does the Intestinal Microbiota Explain Differences in the Epidemiology of Liver Disease between East and West – Nakamoto N. – Inflammatory Intestinal Diseases

Commentary: Microbiome-based companion diagnostics: no longer science fiction?
Jeroen Raes – Gut

Animal microbiome

Diary of a shrimpy kid: Dynamic changes of microbial communities in Litopenaeus vannamei cultures and the effects of environmental factors – Hao Zhang – Aquaculture

Plant, root, and soil microbiome
Substrate limitation to soil microbial communities in a subalpine volcanic desert on Mount Fuji, Japan – S. Yoshitake – European Journal of Soil Biology

Bottom-up control of fertilization on soil nematode communities differs between crop management regimes – Ting Liu – Soil Biology and Biochemistry

Interactive effects of precipitation and nitrogen spatial pattern on carbon use and functional diversity in soil microbial communities – Nianxun Xi – Applied Soil Ecology

Water and extremophile microbiome

Nearing the cold-arid limits of microbial life in permafrost of an upper dry valley, Antarctica – Jacqueline Goordial – The ISME Journal

Reconstructing ecosystem functions of the active microbial community of the Baltic Sea oxygen depleted sediments – Petter Thureborn – PeerJ


Waste treatment microbiology

Metagenomic and quantitative insights into microbial communities and functional genes of nitrogen and iron cycling in twelve wastewater treatment systems – Duntao Shu – Chemical Engineering Journal

Food microbiology

High throughput sequencing identifies novel viruses in nectarine: Insights to the etiology of stem pitting disease – Dan Edward Veloso Villamor – Phytopathology

DGGE: Discrimination of post-harvest coffee processing methods by microbial ecology analyses – Yasmine Hamdouche – Food Control

Microbial Ecology

Integrating Theory and Experiment to Explain the Breakdown of Population Synchrony in a Complex Microbial Community – Emma J. Bowen – arXiv


Poster abstract: Assembling Whole Genomes from Mixed Microbial Communities Using Hi-C – Ivan Liachko – Plant and Animal Genome Conference

Microbes in the news

Antarctic permafrost may not be habitable for microbes – so is Mars? Finding life on Mars might be harder than thought — or Martian microbes might be different – Emily Chung – CBC News

Microbes take their vitamins — for the good of science – EurekAlert

Bacteria that resist last-resort antibiotics were found in China two months ago, now they’re everywhere – Dominic Jackson – Shanghaiist

Newly Discovered Photosynthetic Bacteria Is Surprisingly Abundant – Science 2.0



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