October 22, 2015

Digesting from LAX: Risk of childhood asthma, antibiotic effects on fish microbiome, and interactions between the gut microbiome and Clostridium difficile.

Pregnancy and birth

Claims that placenta has a rich microbiome, which I disagree with. The maternal microbiome and pregnancy outcomes – Chelsea Fox – Fertility and Sterility

Human gut microbiome

Altered fecal short chain fatty acid composition in children with a history of Hirschsprung-associated enterocolitis – Farokh R. Demehri – Journal of Pediatric Surgery

Gut microbiota and the risk of childhood asthma – Priya Venkatesan – The Lancet Respiratory Medicine

Can Helminth Infection Reverse Microbial Dysbiosis? – P’ng Loke – Trends in Parasitology

Can a Bug in the Gut Act Like a Drug in the Brain? – Robert H. Howland – Journal of Psychosocial Nursing

Review: Interactions Between the Gastrointestinal Microbiome and Clostridium difficile – Casey M. Theriot – Annual Review of Microbiology

Animal models

Risperidone-induced weight gain is mediated through shifts in the gut microbiome and suppression of energy expenditure – Sarah M. Bahr – EBioMedicine

Fish: The host effects of Gambusia affinis with an antibiotic-disrupted microbiome – Jeanette M. Carlson – Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C: Toxicology & Pharmacology

Host and microbiota interactions are critical for development of murine Crohn’s-like ileitis – M Roulis – Mucosal Immunology

Plant, root, and soil biology

Drought-induced piñon mortality alters the seasonal dynamics of microbial activity in piñon–juniper woodland – Daniel D. Warnock – Soil Biology and Biochemistry

Long-term oil contamination increases deterministic assembly processes in soil microbes – Yuting Liang – Ecological Applications

Water microbiome

A Fungal-Prokaryotic Consortium at the Basalt-Zeolite Interface in Subseafloor Igneous Crust – Magnus Ivarsson – PLOS ONE

Food microbiology

Review: Microbial terroir and food innovation: the case of yeast biodiversity in wine – Vittorio Capozzi – Microbiological Research

Review: Microbiome profiling in fresh-cut products – Chiara Gorni – Trends in Food Science & Technology


Why Do We Feel Sick When Infected—Can Altruism Play a Role? – Keren Shakhar, Guy Shakhar – PLOS Biology

Microbes in the news

Gut researcher issues warning on DIY poo transplants: Q&A with Dr Paul Bertrand on the pros and cons of poo transplants to treat bacterial infections – Jess Davis

Surprising source for ancient life biomarker found: It was thought that tetrahymanol was produced primarily by eukaryotes, but a new study suggests many bacteria might also produce the lipid – Stanford

Science, publishing, and career

Why biomedical superstars are signing on with Google. Tech firm’s ambitious goals and abundant resources attract life scientists – Erika Check Hayden – Nature

The Rise of “Quit Lit”: Soon-to-be former academics are taking their grievances public – Colleen Flaherty – Slate


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