October 16, 2015

Chronic wound microbiota of almost 3000 patients, two periodontitis papers, biography among Agave microbiotas, and microbial ecology of Antarctic aquatic systems.

Pregnancy and birth

Commentary: Metaproteomic analysis adds a functional glimpse into host–microbe succession in an infant’s GI – Joshua E. Elias – Proteomics

Editorial: Microbiomes – Embracing complexity – Pratik Jagtap – Proteomics

Human oral microbiome

Oral Microbiota, Periodontal Status and Osteoporosis in Postmenopausal Women – Scarlette Hernández-Vigueras – Journal of Periodontology

Relationship between periodontitis-associated subgingival microbiota and clinical inflammation by 16S pyrosequencing – A Camelo-Castillo – Journal of Clinical Periodontology

Plastic teeth that don’t allow bacteria to grow on them3D-Printable Antimicrobial Composite Resins – Jun Yue – Advanced Functional Materials

Human skin microbiome

Analysis of the chronic wound microbiota of 2,963 patients by 16S rDNA pyrosequencing – Randall D. Wolcott – Wound Repair and Regeneration

Human gut microbiome

A Gut Odyssey: The Impact of the Microbiota on Clostridium difficile Spore Formation and Germination – Aimee Shen – PLOS Pathogens

Review: Gut microbiota and obesity – Philippe Gérard – Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences
Animal microbiome

Evaluation of feed grade sodium bisulfate impact on gastrointestinal tract microbiota ecology in broilers via a pyrosequencing platform – Si Hong Park – Poultry Science

Birds: Cecal bacterial communities in wild Japanese rock ptarmigans and captive Svalbard rock ptarmigans – Kazunari Ushida – Journal of Veterinary Medical Science

First Evidence of an Important Organic Matter Trophic Pathway between Temperate Corals and Pelagic Microbial Communities – J. A. Fonvielle – PLOS ONE

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Plant compartment and biogeography affect microbiome composition in cultivated and native Agave species – Devin Coleman-Derr – New Phytologist

Diversity of Bacterial Communities in a Profile of a Winter Wheat Field: Known and Unknown Members – Aurore Stroobants – Soil Microbiology

Molecular assessment of bacterial community dynamics and functional endpoints during sediment bioaccumulation tests – Noël J. Diepens – Environmental Science & Technology

Letter to the Editor: Plant microbiota: implications for human health – Leena von Hertzen – British Journal of Nutrition

Water microbiome

Impact of multiple anthropogenic stressors on freshwater: how do glyphosate and the invasive mussel Limnoperna fortunei affect microbial communities and water quality? – Haydée Pizarro – Ecotoxicology

Bacterial and protist community changes during a phytoplankton bloom – John K. Pearman – Limnology and Oceanography

Research Highlight: Wired communities – Denise Waldron – Nature Reviews Microbiology

Extremophile microbiome

Review: Microbial ecology of Antarctic aquatic systems – Ricardo Cavicchioli – Nature Reviews Microbiology

Built environment microbiome

Revealing the microbial community structure of clogging materials in dewatering wells differing in physico-chemical parameters in an open-cast mining area – Juanjuan Wang – Water Research

Microbes in the news

Crohn’s disease causes, symptoms, treatments and role of gut bacteria – Rebecca Bowslaugh – Bel Marra Health

Microbial Signatures Predict Post-op Recurrence in Crohn’s – David Wild – GastroEndoNews
Deep-sea corals in the Red Sea: reservoirs of hope – Sedeer El-Showk – Nature Asia

Guest Post — The Emergent Microbiome: A Revolution for the Life Sciences – Part III, Psychobiotics – Jessica Miles and Anthony D. Sabatelli – JD Supra

Researchers find an answer to invasive cheatgrass: Will this native bacteria finally thwart one of the most invasive weeds in North America? – Gloria Dickie – High Country News

Not a great title: 3D printed teeth to keep your mouth free of bacteria – Jacob Aron – New Scientist

Not for the faint of heart: Bacteria of maggots causes fatal septicemia in man – Chris Whitehouse – Outbreak News Today – Refers to this article in Emerging Infectious Diseases

Microbiology and Art

This is the Most Beautiful View of Poo You’re Ever Going to See – Jamie Condliffe – Gizmodo

Science, publishing, and career

How do we define and measure scientific literacy? – Joseph Timpona – Blogs at Plos

Your Data to Explore: An Interview with Anne Wojcicki from 23andMe – Jane Gitschier – PLOS Genetics
After sexual harassment reports, famed astronomer resigns from UC Berkeley – Rachel Feltman – Washington Post

Geoff Marcy incident indicative of larger problem – Ellen Simms – The Daily Cal



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