October 4, 2015

Pregnancy and birth

Discordant temporal development of bacterial phyla and the emergence of core in the fecal microbiota of young children – Jing Cheng – ISME Journal

Transplantation and infection microbiology

How’s your microbiota? Let’s check your urine. – Robert R. Jenq – Blood
Low urinary indoxyl sulfate levels early after transplantation reflect a disrupted microbiome and are associated with poor outcome – Daniela Weber – Blood

Next-Generation Sequencing for Infectious Disease Diagnosis and Management : A Report of the Association for Molecular Pathology – Martina I. Lefterova – The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics

Predicting Clinical Phenotype using OTU-based Metagenome Representation – Nathan LaPierre and Huzefa Rangwala – ICDM Workshop

Human gut microbiome

The Intestinal Microbiota in Acute Anorexia Nervosa and During Renourishment: Relationship to Depression, Anxiety, and Eating Disorder Psychopathology – Kleiman, Susan C. – Psychosomatic Medicine

InterviewThe Relationship Between the Gut Microbiota and Liver Disease – Jasmohan S. Bajaj – Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Animal models

Genetic determinants of in vivo fitness and diet responsiveness in multiple human gut Bacteroides – Meng Wu – Science

Biodegradation and Mineralization of Polystyrene by Plastic-Eating Mealworms: Part 2. Role of Gut Microorganisms – Yu Yang – Environmental Science & Technology

Animal microbiome

An abundance of Epsilonproteobacteria revealed in the gut microbiome of the laboratory cultured sea urchin, Lytechinus variegatus – Joseph A. Hakim – Frontiers in Microbiology

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Time-series metagenomic analysis reveals robustness of soil microbiome against chemical disturbance – Hiromi Kato – DNA Research

Illumina-based analysis of bacterial diversity related to halophytes Salicornia europaea and Sueada aralocaspica – Ying-wu Shi – Journal of Microbiology

Communities of wood-inhabiting fungi in dead pine logs along a geographical gradient in Japan – Yu Fukasawa – Fungal Ecology

Elevated carbon dioxide accelerates the spatial turnover of soil microbial communities – Ye Deng – Global Change Biology

Waste microbiology

Contrasting microbial community composition and function perspective in sections of a full-scale coking wastewater treatment system – Shuang Zhu – Environmental Biotechnology

Microbial interactions and implications for oil biodegradation process in mangrove sediments – Adriana Daudt Grativol – PeerJ Preprint


Subsurface Halophiles: An Analogue for Potential Life on Mars – Woolman, P. F – The Open University

Prokaryotic Community Diversity Along an Increasing Salt Gradient in a Soda Ash Concentration Pond – Addis Simachew – Microbiology of Aquatic Systems

Conference Abstract: Life on the frozen continent: diversity of RuBisCO, nifH and pufLM genes in soils around the Princess Elisabeth Station, Sør Rondane Mountains, Antarctica – Guillaume Tahon – Ghent University

Bioinformatics, mathematical models, metagenomics

Habitat Fluctuations Drive Species Covariation in the Human Microbiota – Charles K. Fisher – BioRxiv

Predicting Clinical Phenotype using OTU-based Metagenome Representation – Nathan LaPierre and Huzefa Rangwala – ICDM Workshop

Metabolomics, Proteomics

Video: An Aquatic Microbial Metaproteomics Workflow: From Cells to Tryptic Peptides Suitable for Tandem Mass Spectrometry-based Analysis – David Colatriano, David A. Walsh – JoVE

Rumen microbial communities influence metabolic phenotypes in lambs – Diego P. Morgavi – Frontiers in Microbiology

Phages and viruses

The Tailocin Tale: Peeling off Phage Tails – Maarten G.K. Ghequire and René De Mot- Trends in Microbiology

Functional foods

Review: Prebiotics: why definitions matter – Robert W Hutkins – Current Opinion in Biotechnology

Microbes in the news

Microbiome Meals: Researchers identify a handful of genes that help bacteria in the mouse gut adapt to dietary changes – By Rina Shaikh-Lesko – The Scientist

Signature dishes: As people pass through life they leave a trail of bacteria in their wake – Economist

Chronic kidney disease and its effect on microbiome metabolism – American Microbiome Institute

Recap: Gut microbiome conference September 2015, Huntington Beach – UNC Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders

Nominations sought for NAS Committee on Microbiomes of the Built Environment – Jonathan Eisen – MicroBEnet

Legionnaires’ Bacteria Regrew in Bronx Cooling Towers That Were Disinfected – Benjamin Mueller – New York Times

NYU professor to chair presidential council on antibiotic bacteria resistance – Farhin Lilywala – Washington Square News

You say microbiota, I say microbiome: The 8 word guide to the microbiota – James Vitale – Taconic



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