March 19, 2015

Just a short digest today!

General microbiome

Review: The role of the microbiota in ageing: current state and perspectives – Denise B. Lynch – Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Systems Biology and Medicine

Human gut microbiome / proteomics

Enrichment or depletion? The impact of stool pretreatment on metaproteomic characterization of the human gut microbiota – Alessandro Tanca – Proteomics

Animal microbiome

AbaloneTemporal fluctuation in the abundance of alginate-degrading bacteria in the gut of abalone Haliotis gigantea over 1 year – Reiji Tanaka – Aquaculture Research

Soil microbiome

Native California soils are selective reservoirs for multidrug-resistant bacteria – Amanda C. Hollowell – Environmental Microbiology Reports


Growing microbes in millifluidic droplets – Laurent Boitard – Engineering in Life Sciences

Other microbiology

Application of Whole-Genome Sequencing for Bacterial Strain Typing in Molecular Epidemiology – Stephen J. Salipante – Journal of Clinical Microbiology

Microbes in the news

Adventures in exploring the great indoors – Anne A. Madden – Fierer Lab

MO BIO Laboratories, Inc. presents the Second Annual MO BIO Microbiome Awards, offering more than $10,000 in prizes! – MoBio

uBiome — Explore Your Dental Microbiome – IndieGoGo
uBiome Launches World’s First Dental Citizen Science Campaign – Global Newswire

Humans Need ‘Stronger’ Breast-Milk Than Most Mammals – Brian Stallard – Nature World News

Interactive/videos: The good, the bad and the ugly in everyday bacteria – CBC news

Los Alamos scientists develop new method for metagenomic analysis – News Medical Net

This week’s  Google Plus Microbiology Journal club: Cheese Microbe Communities – GPlusMicroJC

Researchers have a gut feeling – could chronic pain be caused by bacteria? – Michael Brooks – New Statesman

MeMed’s blood test accurately distinguishes bacterial and viral infections, research shows – Medical Xpress

Turning the gut microbiome into a chat room – Tina Hesman Saey – ScienceNews

Science, publishing, and career

A grad school survival guide – Andrew Gaudet – Science

Bik’s Picks

The New York Times’ smartwatch cancer article is bad, and they should feel bad – Russell Brandom – The Verge

Unmasked: – What 10 million passwords reveal – about the people who choose them – WP engine

All other languages tired of Python’s sh!t – The Science Web

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