Microbiome digest, November 19, 2014

Skin microbiome of infants, viruses can replace bacteria for proper development of gut anatomy, and Amazon reviews of note.

Human skin microbiome

Evolving Concepts of Neonatal Skin – Carrie C. Coughlin and Alain Taïeb – Pediatric Dermatology

Clinical Approaches to Skin Cleansing of the Diaper Area: Practice and Challenges – Carrie C. Coughlin – Pediatric Dermatology

Psoriasis is not an autoimmune disease? – Lionel Fry – Experimental Dermatology

Animal models of microbiome research

* An enteric virus can replace the beneficial function of commensal bacteria – Elisabeth Kernbauer, Yi Ding & Ken Cadwell – Nature

Microbiology: A backup for bacteria – Yao Wang & Julie K. Pfeiffer – Nature

Animal microbiome

An Experimental Test of whether the Defensive Phenotype of an Aphid Facultative Symbiont Can Respond to Selection within a Host Lineage – Ailsa H.C. McLean – PLOS ONE

Effect of yeast with bacteriocin from rumen bacteria on laying performance, blood biochemistry, faecal microbiota and egg quality of laying hens – H. T. Wang – Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition

* Symbiotic bacteria enable olive flies (Bactrocera oleae) to exploit intractable sources of nitrogen – M. Ben-Yosef – Journal of Evolutionary Biology

Plant microbiome

* Bacterial Endophytic Communities in the Grapevine Depend on Pest Management – Andrea Campisano – PLOS ONE

Metagenomics, transcriptomics

Ecological roles of dominant and rare prokaryotes in acid mine drainage revealed by metagenomics and metatranscriptomics – Zheng-Shuang Hua – ISME Journal

Community transcriptomics reveals unexpected high microbial diversity in acidophilic biofilm communities – Daniela S Aliaga Goltsman – ISME Journal


Evolution of species interactions determines microbial community productivity in new environments – Francesca Fiegna – ISME Journal

Microbes in the news

Viruses as a Cure – Carl Zimmer – New York Times

A Lack of Bacteria Can Make You Overweight – Melinda Beck – The Wall Street Journal

Science, publishing and career

Stereotyping: PhD costume slammed – Nature

* She still needs help from Ken: Amazon reviews trash Barbie computer engineering book – Kevin Allen – Ragan’s PR Daily

Science and Art

This looks more like a genome than a plasmid, but it is pretty: ”Plasmid 29″ – Sandra Culliton – Etsy

Bik’s Picks

A hip-hop state of mind – Akeem Sule, Becky Inkster – The Lancet


House Passes Bill That Makes It Harder For Scientists To Advise The EPA – Emily Atkin – Think Progress

Mother’s soothing presence makes pain go away, changes gene activity in infant brain – Science Daily

Science (and Quacks) vs. the Aging Process – Tracey Samuelson – New York Times

Sorting Fact From Fiction and What the Best Science Writing Can Teach Us – Barbara J. King – Time



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