November 30, 2020

Hello from Luebeck! Today we selected among others maternal obesity and neurodevelopment, infant growth, breastfeeding and c-section, dental microbiome, gut microbiome and diseases/cancer, a couple of animal and plant microbiome studies. Of particular interest is a study diet and problem solving in a bird species (Parus major).

General microbiome

[REVIEW]The dynamic wound microbiome – Liu et al. – BMC Medicine

[REVIEW]Microbiome and Cervical Cancer – Castanheira et al. – Pathobiology

Pregnancy and early life

[REVIEW]The impact of maternal obesity on childhood neurodevelopment – Tong & Kalish – Journal of Perinatology

Perinatal environment shapes microbiota colonization and infant growth: impact on host response and intestinal function – Selma-Royo et al. – Microbiome

Breastfeeding restored the gut microbiota in caesarean section infants and lowered the infection risk in early life – Guo et al. BMC Pediatrics

Human oral microbiome

Dental plaque microbiota profiles of children with caries-free and caries-active dentition – Qudeimat et al. – Journal of Dentistry

[REVIEW]Microbiomics: Were we all wrong before? – Kumar – Periodontology 2000

[REVIEW]Metaproteome and metabolome of oral microbial communities – Bostanci et al. – Periodontology 2000

Human gut microbiome

Gutmicrobiota, immunity and pain – Santoni, Miccini & Batelli – Immunology Letters

The Healthy Microbiome (What is the definition of a healthy gut microbiome?) – Shanahan, Ghosh & O’Toole – Gastroenterology

Altered gut bacterial and metabolic signatures and their interaction in gestational diabetes mellitus – Wang et al. – Gut Microbes

Animal microbiome (for animals in the wild)

Diet induces parallel changes to the gut microbiota and problem solving performance in a wild bird – Davidson et al. Scientific Reports

Wild black bears harbor simple gut microbial communities with little difference between the jejunum and colon – Gillman, McKenney & Lafferty – Scientific Reports

Age Patterning in Wild Chimpanzee Gut Microbiota Diversity Reveals Differences from Humans in Early Life – Reese et al. – Current Biology

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Genetic selection for growth drives differences in intestinal microbiota composition and parasite disease resistance in gilthead sea bream – Piazzon et al. – Microbiome

A comparison of the functional diversity of microbial communities in maize rhizosphere soils in the North West Province of South Africa – Chinenyenwa Fortune Chukwuneme, Ayansina Segun Ayangbenro, Olubukola Oluranti Babalola – Rhizosphere

[REVIEW]Beyond the extremes: Rocks as ultimate refuge for fungi in drylands – Coleine et al. – Mycologia


[REVIEW]Emerging computational tools and models for studying gut microbiota composition and function – Park et al. – Current Opinion in Biotechnology

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