May 3, 2019

A concise Digest today featuring a novel approach to targeting antibiotic resistance, and some cool art by a Healthcare company to promote infectious disease awareness. Enjoy reading! (Apologies for the tight formatting, technological difficulty…)
General microbiology
Review: Fungal evolution: major ecological adaptations and evolutionary transitions – Miguel A. Naranjo-Ortiz and Toni Gabaldón – Biological Reviews
Antibiotic resistance
Pregnancy and early life
Household composition and the infant fecal microbiome: The INSPIRE study – Avery A. Lane et al. – American Journal of Physical Anthropology
Human skin microbiome
Human reproductive microbiome
Cancer microbiome
Review: Culture-independent studies on bacterial dysbiosis in oral and oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma: A systematic review – Divya Gopinatha & Rohit Kunnath Menonb et al. – Critical reviews Oncology Hematology
Animal experiments
Plant, root and soil microbiome
Microbes in the news
‘Microbiome’ May Be Key to Autism Symptoms – Serena Gordon – Health Day


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