August 28, 2018

A brief Digest today featuring a review on how the microbiota affects drug disposition, a study adopting fungal growth measurement in the soil to that in the medium and in the plants, and a genetic approach to specifically depleting microbiome-derived metabolites in the host tissue.

General microbiology

* Minireview: How to determine the role of the microbiome in drug disposition – Jordan E Bisanz et al. – Drug Metabolism and Disposition

Loss of genomic diversity in a Neisseria meningitidis clone through a colonization bottleneck – Araceli Lamelas et al. – Genome Biology and Evolution

Human gut microbiome

Gut microbiota, short chain fatty acids, and obesity across the epidemiologic transition: the METS-Microbiome study protocol – Lara R. Dugas et al. – BMC Public Health

Multi-omics analyses to deliver the most effective treatment to every patient with inflammatory bowel disease – Rinse K. Weersma et al. – Gastroenterology

Plant, root and soil microbiome

Preprint: Antimicrobial, Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Activities of Proteins of Phaseoulus lunatus (Fabaceae) Baby Lima Beans Produced in Ecuador – Javier Tamayo et al. – bioRxiv

* Preprint: Fungal growth is affected by and affects pH and redox potential (Eh) of the growth medium – Lydia Bousset et al. – bioRxiv

Water and extremophile microbiome

Preprint: The role of land use types and water chemical properties in structuring the microbiome of a connected lakes system – Sophi Marmen et al. – bioRxiv

Phages and viruses

Preprint: Repurposing of drugs as novel influenza inhibitors from clinical gene expression infection signatures – Mario Andres Pizzorno et al. – bioRxiv


Preprint: Differential amplicons for the evaluation of RNA integrity extracted from complex environmental samples – Fabien Cholet et al. – bioRxiv

** Preprint: Depletion of microbiome-derived molecules in the host using Clostridium genetics – Chun-Jun Guo et al. – bioRxiv


Identifying mixed Mycobacterium tuberculosis infections from whole genome sequence data – Benjamin Sobkowiak et al. – BMC Genomics

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