December 25, 2017


A short digest today covering the human oral and gut microbiome, animal experiments, animal microbiome, plant, root and soil microbiome, techniques and news. At last we also have some “Lab stock fun picks”. Merry Christmas!!


Human oral microbiome

The oral microbiome-the relevant reservoir for acute pediatric appendicitis? – C Blod – International Journal of Colorectal Disease



Human gut microbiome

Intestinal microbiome analysis revealed dysbiosis in sickle cell disease – SH Lim – American Journal of Hematology


Animal experiments 

Fermented Soybean Meal Increases Lactic Acid Bacteria in Gut Microbiota of Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar). – N Catalán – Probiotics and Antimicrobial Proteins


Animal microbiome 

The Combined Effect of Temperature and Host Clonal Line on the Microbiota of a Planktonic Crustacean. – KE Sullam – Microbial Ecology


Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Grey relational analysis for evaluating the effects of different rates of wine lees-derived biochar application on a plant-soil system with multi-metal contamination. – M Xu – Environmental Science and Pollution Research International

http://Transcriptomic responses of catalase, peroxidase and laccase encoding genes and enzymatic activities of oil spill inhabiting rhizospheric fungal strains. – MD Asemoloye – Environmental Pollution

Augmentation with potential endophytes enhances phytostabilization of Cr in contaminated soil. – MT Ahsan – Environmental Science and Pollution Research International




Strain profiling and epidemiology of bacterial species from metagenomic sequencing – D Albanese – Nature Communications

Mechanistic and structural insight into promiscuity based metabolism of cardiac drug digoxin by gut microbial enzyme – K Kumar – Journal of Cellular Biochemistry


Microbes in the news

Cooking a turkey? Here’s how to make sure you avoid getting food poisoning –

How the US military killed an Irishman in San Fran with germ warfare – Irish Central

How to avoid getting sick from flying – keep clean, stay hydrated and try to get a window seat – South China Morning Post

It’s getting real tough to ‘ESKAPE’ hospital-acquired infections – Indian Express


Lab stock funny picks (source: Shutterstock)

My magnifying glass is more powerful than the microscope



Sometimes I try to incorporate the additive model of primary colours in my research: Red, Green , Blue!!



Seems some one has finally been able to culture virus on a solid (agar) medium..



Do you see what I see?




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