August 30, 2016

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Red-shanked douc, Wikipedia

The human gut phageome, monkey microbiome humanizes in captivity, and a Yersinia genome from the 6th century (OK, that’s not microbiome, but just cool).

Human gut microbiome

Healthy human gut phageome – Pilar Manrique – PNAS

Press: Your Gut’s Gone Viral, And That Might Be Good For Your Health – Michaeleen Doucleff – NPR

Animal experiments

Standardizing Mouse Models to Account for Host–Microbial Interactions – Maria-Luisa Alegre – American Journal of Transplantation

Note: no mention of blanks/extraction controls: Consumption of a high-fat diet alters the seminal fluid and gut microbiomes in male mice – Angela B. Javurek – Reproduction , Fertility and Development

Animal microbiome

Captivity humanizes the primate microbiome – Jonathan B. Clayton – PNAS

Press (also see yesterday’s post): Gut biome of monkeys found to change when they are kept in captivity – Bob Yirka –
Monkeys in zoos have human gut bacteria – Science Daily

Water microbiome

Coastal connectivity and spatial subsidy from a microbial perspective – Christin Säwström – Ecology and Evolution

Taxonomic profiling of bacterial community structure from coastal sediment of Alang–Sosiya shipbreaking yard near Bhavnagar, India – Vilas Patel – Marine Pollution Bulletin

Proteobacteria become predominant during regrowth after water disinfection – Cristina Becerra-Castro – Science of the Total Environment

Microbial Ecology

Understanding How Microbiomes Influence the Systems they Inhabit: Insight from Ecosystem Ecology – Ed Hall – bioRxiv

More microbes

A high-coverage Yersinia pestis Genome from a 6th-century Justinianic Plague Victim – Michal Feldman – Molecular Biology and Evolution

Press: World’s 1st Plague Pandemic Bacteria Gets New Genetic Analysis – Greg Uyeno – Live Science
Why scientists reconstructed an ancient plague – Nikki Ferlaino – KFOR
Reconstructing the sixth century plague from a victim –
The Same Microbe That Led to Black Death Also Caused a Huge Plague Centuries Before – Jennifer Ouellette – Gizmodo
Medieval victim reveals secrets of the Plague of Justinian – Gretchen Vogel – Science

Microbes in the news

Hand dryers spread bacteria, affect health on campus – Shane Olney – The Volante

Science, publishing, and career

A Framework for Improving the Quality of Research in the Biological Sciences – Arturo Casadevall – mBio

Bik’s Non-Microbiology Picks

Dental calculus reveals Mesolithic foragers in the Balkans consumed domesticated plant foods – Emanuela Cristiani – PNAS

Surprisingly Little Evidence for the Accepted Wisdom About Teeth – Aaron E. Carroll – New York Times


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