August 8, 2016

Sutures, preterm birth, and vaginal dysbiosis, captive Komodo Dragons, and stochastic assembly of microbial communities.


Assistant Professor of Biology (Microbiology): background in microbiome research, molecular mechanisms of microbial pathogenesis, virulence and/or quorum sensing, or host-pathogen interactions – California State University, East Bay

Human vaginal microbiome

Relationship between vaginal microbial dysbiosis, inflammation, and pregnancy outcomes in cervical cerclage – Lindsay M. Kindinger – Science Translational Medicine

Press: Pregnancy procedure may be associated with increased risk of premature birth and neonatal loss – Science Daily
Braided Cervical Cerclage May Raise Risk for Preterm Birth – Lara C. Pullen – MedScape

Human gut microbiome

Addendum (reanalysis of published data): Partial recovery of microbiomes after antibiotic treatment – Frédéric Raymond – Gut Microbes

Review: Microbiota and chronic inflammatory arthritis: an interwoven link – Andrea Picchianti Diamanti – Journal of Translational Medicine

Review: Microbiomic and Posttranslational Modifications as Preludes to Autoimmune Diseases – Ghislain Opdenakker – Trends in Molecular Medicine

Animal microbiome

The Oral and Skin Microbiomes of Captive Komodo Dragons Are Significantly Shared with Their Habitat – Embriette R. Hyde – mSystems

Press: What Captive Komodo Dragons Might Tell Us About Our Own Microbiomes – UC San Diego Health

Dysbiosis of the Fecal Microbiota in Cattle Infected with Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis – Marie-Eve Fecteau – PLOS ONE

Microbiome Composition and Diversity of the Ice-Dwelling Sea Anemone, Edwardsiella andrillae – Alison E. Murray – Integrative & Comparative Biology

Microbiota from Rhabditis regina may alter nematode entomopathogenicity – Jesús Guillermo Jiménez-Cortés – Parasitology Research

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Soil contamination with olive mill wastes negatively affects microbial communities, invertebrates and plants – Olfa Hentati – Ecotoxicology

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi-assisted phytoremediation of a lead-contaminated site – Jerusa Schneider – Science of the Total Environment

Ecology of microbial communities

Effects of dispersal and selection on stochastic assembly in microbial communities – Sarah Evans – The ISME Journal

Microbes in the news

Microbes have no morals – Ed Yong – Aeon

A California City Is Fending Off Zika by Releasing 40,000 Mosquitoes Every Week – Sarah Zhang – Wired

New therapy could help treat skin infections without turning them into superbugs – Chelsea Harvey – Mashable

Getting down and dirty is good for us – Tim Krohn – Mankato Free Press

UNC researchers link gut bacteria to infant brain development – Stephen Ginley – The News & Observer

Hey Bear! Can I Sample Your Microbiota? – Scott Chimileski – American Society For Microbiology


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