New server, new look


UPDATE: if you don’t receive email alerts for new posts anymore, you will have to sign up again. I am terribly sorry, but somehow the server transfer did not transfer my loyal subscribers. See this post here how to fix this.

I just migrated the MicrobiomeDigest site to a new server, now hosted at WordPress. The old server went down too many times and did not allow updating the themes or plugins anymore. As of now, I have chosen the free WordPress hosting plan, which might involve an occasional ad on the site. If the ads get too annoying, I will consider buying a plan, because I don’t want to pollute this site too much. We’ll see.

I have also been playing a bit with themes and looks, but have not yet found a perfect layout yet. Suggestions and comments are always welcome! For now, enjoy the new site!

The picture at the top is one that I took at Micropia, the Amsterdam microbial museum. Highly recommended!

A big thanks to Gerard Harbers for all his help!

Elies Bik

2 thoughts on “New server, new look

  1. Dear Elisabeth,
    until the 01. of April i recieved your new posts automatically per E-Mail and then it stops.
    Any hints?



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