May 13, 2015

General human microbiome

Commentary: Our unique microbial identity – Jack A Gilbert – Genome Biology

Human oral microbiome

Oral Microbiota Shift after 12-Week Supplementation with Lactobacillus reuteri DSM 17938 and PTA 5289; A Randomized Control Trial – Nelly Romani Vestman – PLOS ONE

L-Arginine Destabilizes Oral Multi-Species Biofilm Communities Developed in Human Saliva – Ethan Kolderman – PLOS ONE

Human gut microbiome

Ecological and evolutionary adaptations shape the gut microbiome of BaAka African rainforest hunter-gatherers – Andres Gomez – BioRxiv

Gut Microbial Dysbiosis May Predict Diarrhea and Fatigue in Patients Undergoing Pelvic Cancer Radiotherapy: A Pilot Study – Aiping Wang – PLOS ONE

Animal models

Ability of the gut microbiota to produce PUFA-derived bacterial metabolites: Proof of concept in germ-free versus conventionalized mice – Céline Druart – Molecular Nutrition & Food Research

Response of the Rumen Microbiota of Sika Deer (Cervus nippon) Fed Different Concentrations of Tannin Rich Plants – Zhipeng Li – PLOS ONE

Plant root and soil microbiome

Influence of Edaphic, Climatic, and Agronomic Factors on the Composition and Abundance of Nitrifying Microorganisms in the Rhizosphere of Commercial Olive Crops – Joan Caliz – PLOS ONE


CRISPR Diversity in E. coli Isolates from Australian Animals, Humans and Environmental Waters – Maxim S. Sheludchenko – PLOS ONE

Metabolomics, proteomics

Catching the tip of the iceberg – Evaluation of sample preparation protocols for metaproteomic studies of the rumen microbiota – Simon Deusch and Jana Seifert – Proteomics

Other microbial science

Treating cancer with infection: A review on bacterial cancer therapy – Shirley Wong and Roderick A. Slavcev – Letters in Applied Microbiology

The spatial profiles and metabolic capabilities of microbial populations impact the growth of antibiotic-resistant mutants – Karishma S. Kaushik – Interface

Microbes in the news

Microbiome Fingerprints: Researchers identify people by the unique combinations of microbes found in and on their bodies – Kate Yandell – The Scientist

Gut bacteria help turn animals into fossils – David Shultz – Science Magazine

Microbiome, Immune Therapies, Biologics Showcased at DDW – Caroline Helwick – Medscape

Scientists at work: studying indoor microbial ecology means sampling in public restrooms – Erica Hartmann – The Conversation

The Link Between Obesity, the Microbiome, and Neurologic Function – Alan R. Jacobs – Medscape

Akron Man Found Pooping on Cars Revealed as Subject of Beard Study (fake, and will only flash for 10? sec, but fun)

Bik’s Picks

Over 40% of Honeybee Colonies Died in Year, USDA Says – Tennille Tracy – Wall Street Journal

Chicken Embryos With Dinosaur Snouts Created in Lab – Charles Q. Choi – Live Science

Bill Nye Wants Your Help to Build His ‘Revolutionary’ Solar Spacecraft – Nolan Feeney – Time


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