May 5, 2015

General human microbiome

Review: The Human Microbiota: The Rise of an “Empire” – Gidon Berger – Rambam Maimonides Medical Journal

Human gut microbiome

Human colon-derived soluble factors modulate gut microbiota composition – Arancha Hevia – Frontiers in Oncology

Dysbiosis of Intestinal Microbiota Associated With Inflammation Involved in the Progression of Acute Pancreatitis – Tan, Chaochao – Pancreas

Review: Does the Gut Microbiota Contribute to Obesity? Going beyond the Gut Feeling – Marisol Aguirre and Koen Venema – Microorganisms

Review: Alcohol Effects on the Composition of Intestinal Microbiota – Phillip A. Engen – The Gastrointestinal Microbiome – NIH

Human respiratory microbiome

Prevalence of oropharyngeal antibiotic-resistant flora among residents of aged care facilities: a pilot study – Christopher D. Etherton-Beer – Respirology

Animal models of microbiomes

Modulatory effects of a cranberry extract co-supplementation with Bacillus subtilis CU1 probiotic on phenolic compounds bioavailability and gut microbiota composition in high-fat diet-fed mice – Stéphanie Dudonné – PharmaNutrition

Animal microbiome

Characterization of the cellulolytic bacteria communities along the gastrointestinal tract of Chinese Mongolian sheep by using PCR-DGGE and real-time PCR analysis – Yan Zeng – World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology

Soil microbiome

Soil microbial community structure is unaltered by plant invasion, vegetation clipping, and nitrogen fertilization in experimental semi-arid grasslands – Chelsea J. Carey – Frontiers in Microbiology

Water microbiome

A metagenome for lacustrine Cladophora (Cladophorales) reveals remarkable diversity of eukaryotic epibionts and genes relevant to materials cycling – Linda E. Graham – Journal of Phycology

Bacterial and archaeal biogeography of the deep chlorophyll maximum in the South Pacific Gyre – Emily A. Walsh – Aquatic Microbial Ecology


The influence of surface soil physicochemistry on the edaphic bacterial communities in contrasting terrain types of the Central Namib Desert – S. Gombeer – Geobiology

Microbial diversity and metabolic networks in acid mine drainage habitats – Celia Mendez-Garcia – Frontiers in Microbiology


Structuring Microbial Metabolic Responses to Multiplexed Stimuli via Self-Organizing Metabolomics Maps – Cody R. Goodwin – Chemistry & Biology


Deriving accurate microbiota profiles from human samples with low bacterial content through post-sequencing processing of Illumina MiSeq data – Jake Jervis-Bardy – Microbiome

More microbes

Antibacterial activity of silver-killed bacteria: the “zombies” effect – Racheli Ben-Knaz Wakshlak

Review: The dormant blood microbiome in chronic, inflammatory diseases – Marnie Potgieter – FEMS Microbiology Reviews

Microbes and art

Faecal transplants and bio-art – Eden Project’s latest exhibition Invisible You explores the science of microbes – Nicola Davis – The Guardian

Microbiology printable labels or buffet cards blue and black – LoveBacteriaArt – Etsy

Microbes in the news

1h Video: Seth Bordenstein: The microbiome and Darwin’s Mystery of Mysteries – University of Michigan Early Career Scientists Symposium

Cervicovaginal microbiome holds promise in preventing preterm birth – interview with Dr. Michal Elovitz at the annual meeting of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists – Mary Ellen Schneider #ACOG15

Episode 6 of The Microbiome Podcast: The microbiome, autism, and serotonin production with Dr. Elaine Hsiao – MicrobiomeInstitute

Some beards as dirty as toilets: Microbiologist tests beards for germs – Royale Da – KOAT

(See more beard microbiome articles from these past days in The Beard Microbiome)

“You’re covered in poo bacteria.” No, your beard isn’t full of poop (probably) – Rachel Feltman – The Washington Post

HuMiX – Emulating human microbiome on a chip – Bactavatchalou Sivakumar

Nanoparticles in consumer products can significantly alter normal gut microbiome –

Never a dull day for microbiologist – Kathryn Bernard up for Women of Distinction prize – Winnipeg Free Press

Agricultural microbiology draws Chinese researchers to Argentina – Xinhua – Want China Times

Expert’s Corner: Physician-scientist on why he recommends probiotics – University of Massachusetts

Gut Wars: One Man’s Adventure With Antibiotics and Ulcerative Colitis – Alexandra Carmichael – uBiome blog

Show Me Your Moves: Updated classics and new techniques help microbiologists get up close and quantitative – Marissa Fessenden – The Scientist

‘Zombie’ Bacteria May Help Heal Wounds – Discovery

Ocean currents disturb methane-eating bacteria –

Bacteria could prove key in the fight against cholesterol – Paul Healy – Independent

Free book (for a limited time): The Squid, the Vibrio & the Moon – Small Friends Books

Science, publishing, and career

DNA editing takes a serious step forward — for better or worse – Eryn Brown – LA Times

Bik’s Picks

Llamas as Lab Rats: From diagnostics to vaccines, llama antibodies point to new directions in HIV research – Jenny Rood – The Scientist

Big whales have stretchy nerves to help them gulp – Jonathan Webb – BBC

Is sleepwalking genetic? Study suggests it runs in the family – ZME Science



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