April 24, 2015


MetaSUB: First International Summit of Metagenomics & Metadesign of Subways and Urban Biomes – June 2015 – Christopher Mason – MicroBE.net

Human oral microbiome

Comparison of Bacterial Community Composition of Primary and Persistent Endodontic Infections Using Pyrosequencing – Giorgos N. Tzanetakis – Journal of Endodontics

Total and Specific Bacterial Levels in the Apical Root Canal System of Teeth with Post-treatment Apical Periodontitis – Henrique S. Antunes – Journal of Endodontics

Ability of Human Oral Microbiota to Produce Wine Odorant Aglycones from Odourless Grape Glycosidic Aroma Precursors – Carolina Muñoz-González – Food Chemistry

Human gut microbiome

Ecological effect of ceftazidime/avibactam on the normal human intestinal microbiota – Mamun-Ur Rashid – International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents

Manually curated database: Mycobiome: Approaches to analysis of intestinal fungi – Jie Tang – Journal of Immunological Methods

No abstract, behind paywall – Isoflavones and the gut microbiome – Herman Depypere – Maturitas

Animal models of microbiome research

Perturbation of the intestinal microbiota of mice infected with Cryptosporidium parvum – Refaat Ras – International Journal for Parasitology

Dysbiosis and Staphyloccus aureus Colonization Drives Inflammation in Atopic Dermatitis – Tetsuro Kobayashi – Immunity

Animal microbiome

Evaluation of Composition and Individual Variability of Rumen Microbiota in Yaks by 16S rRNA High-throughput Sequencing Technology – Wei Guo – Anaerobe

Diversity and phylogenetic analysis of endosymbiotic bacteria of the date palm root borer Oryctes agamemnon (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) – Wael S El-Sayed and Reda A Ibrahim – BMC Microbiology

Review: Genomics of the honey bee microbiome – Nancy A. Moran – Current Opinion in Insect Science

Review: Hologenome theory and the honey bee pathosphere – Ryan S. Schwarz – Current Opinion in Insect Science

Water microbiome

Metagenome-assembled genomes uncover a global brackish microbiome – Luisa W Hugerth – BioRxiv

Built environment microbiome

Review: Hospital-associated microbiota and implications for nosocomial infections – Simon Lax and Jack A Gilbert – Trends in Molecular Medicine

Microbes and immunology

Of mice, macaques and men: scaling of virus dynamics and immune responses – Christian L. Althaus – Frontiers in Microbiology


Deciphering the microbiota of Tuwa hot spring, India using shotgun metagenomic sequencing approach – Amitsinh Mangrola – Genomics Data

Review: Thermophiles in the genomic era: Biodiversity, science, and applications – M. Sofía Urbieta – Biotechnology Advances

Microbes in the news

Justin and Erica Sonnenburg: Cute Family. And You Should See Their Bacteria –  John Swansburg @thescienceofus @NYMag

Episode 5 of The Microbiome Podcast: Diet and its impact on our microbiota and health with Drs. Erica and Justin Sonnenburg – American Microbiome Institute

The Man Who Drank Cholera and Launched the Yogurt Craze – Ilya Metchnikoff laid the foundation for modern probiotics – Lina Zeldovich- Nautilus

Dirk Gevers, heading the Janssen Human Microbiome Institute – Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

Science, publishing, and career

Big names or big ideas: Do peer-review panels select the best science proposals? – Danielle Li, Leila Agha – Science

Bik’s Picks

When Hubble Stared at Nothing for 100 Hours – Nadia Drake – National Geographic

Neuroscientists Create Illusion of Having Invisible Body – Sci-News

Entire genomes of woolly mammoths mapped: Clues to extinction, possibility of bringing mammoths back – Science Daily



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