March 28, 2015

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I had hoped that this would have been a better video. The opening text/visuals are very confusing, and the cartoon human looks like a sad penguin. Is it supposed to be a human? Or human cells inside the human? Or a bacterium? And why is it looking so sad? #SadPenguin

Video (2014): Microbes: The Residents Living On And Inside You – Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology


Human oral microbiome

Acetaldehyde production by major oral microbes – Keisuke Moritani – Oral Diseases

Prelude to oral microbes and chronic diseases: Past, present and future – Kalina R. Atanasova – Microbes and Infection

Effect of dental cements on peri-implant microbial community: comparison of the microbial communities inhabiting the peri-implant tissue when using different luting cements – Michael Korsch – Clinical Oral Implants Research

Human gut microbiome

Common occurrence of antibacterial agents in human intestinal microbiota – Fatima Drissi – Frontiers in Microbiology

Maintaining gut ecosystems for health: Are transitory food bugs stowaways or part of the crew? – Coline Plé – International Journal of Food Microbiology

Size does not matter: commensal microorganisms forge tumorpromoting inflammation and anti-tumor immunity – Melanie R. Rutkowski – Oncoscience

Review: Time for Food: The Intimate Interplay between Nutrition, Metabolism, and the Circadian Clock – Gad Asher – Cell

Animal microbiome

Horses: Characterization and comparison of the bacterial microbiota in different gastrointestinal tract compartments in horses – M.C. Costa – The Veterinary Journal

Fish: Declining diversity of egg-associated bacteria during development of naturally spawned whitefish embryos (Coregonus spp.) – Laetitia G. E. Wilkins – Aquatic Sciences

Bees (see also under “Other microbiology” below): Characterization of gut bacteria at different developmental stages of Asian honey bees, Apis cerana – Jun Guo – Journal of Invertebrate Pathology

Soil, rock, and marble microbiome

Biofouling of marbles by oxygenic photosynthetic microorganisms – Zeki Karaca – Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Water microbiome

Bacterial diversity of polluted surface sediments in the northern Adriatic Sea determined by pyrosequencing – Marino Korlević – Systematic and Applied Microbiology

Extremophile microbiome

Genomics in a changing Arctic: Critical questions await the molecular ecologist – Stan D. Wullschleger – Molecular Ecology

Microbial diversity on Icelandic glaciers and ice caps – Stefanie Lutz – Frontiers in Microbiology

Other microbiology

Antimicrobial-Induced DNA Damage and Genomic Instability in Microbial Pathogens –
Rebecca S. Shapiro – PLOS Pathogens

Parallel Epigenomic and Transcriptomic Responses to Viral Infection in Honey Bees (Apis mellifera) – David A. Galbraith – PLOS Pathogens


Planetary Protection Workshop (Forward Contamination) – Jenna Lang – MicroBEnet

How to keep up with microbial ecology and the built environment: microBEnet is your place – Jonathan Eisen – The Tree of Life

Italian Researchers Publish Array Method to Profile Vaginal Microbiome, Gauge Treatment Response – Molika Ashford – Genome Web

Social constructs and behaviors can predict microbiome composition – American Microbiome Institute

Not a good title: Hunter-Gatherers Have Better Guts Than We Do – Cody Brooks – Clapway

The tiny intruders in YOUR home: Researchers reveal the average house has 8,000 different types of bacteria and bugs – Mark Prigg

Drug metabolism: manipulating the microbiome – Sarah DeWeerdt – Pharmaceutical Journal

A High-Fat Diet May Alter Your Behavior and Your Brain with Changed Gut Bacteria – Catherine Griffin – Science World Report

Surfwear founder’s charity backs UQ researcher in superbug war – University of Queensland

Paywalled: Bacteria: Master Microbial Colonizers – Marcia Stone – BioScience

A Farmer Drilled For Water, But What Came Up Turned This Desert Into An Oasis! – OffGridQuest

Science, publishing and career

BioMed Central retracting 43 papers for fake peer review – Cat Ferguson – Retraction Watch

Bik’s Picks

Crossing fingers can reduce feelings of pain – Science Daily

Giant pandas’ secret social life revealed – Bob Holmes – New Scientist

Watch Scientists Try Everything to Put a Camera on a Manatee – Jane J. Lee – National Geographic



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