August 31, 2018

Today’s digest features the rumen microbiome from a culturomics point of view, case study of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains that helped a boy with short bowel syndrome, aging cheese in Murray’s urban caves, and much more. And, check out my non-microbiology pick that can help you become a better writer! Happy September!

Human microbiome

Worldwide Variation in Human Milk Metabolome: Indicators of Breast Physiology and Maternal Lifestyle? – Melvin C. L. Gay – Nutrients

Animal microbiome

*Insights Into Culturomics of the Rumen Microbiome – Tamar Zehavi – Front. Microbiol.

Review: Addressing global ruminant agricultural challenges through understanding the rumen microbiome: Past, present and future – Sharon Ann Huws – Front. Microbiol.

Lactic acid treatment of by-products and phosphorus level in the diet modulate bacterial microbiome and the predicted metagenome functions using the rumen simulation technique – Barbara U.Metzler-Zebeli – Journal of Dairy Science

Microbiome composition within a sympatric species complex of intertidal isopods (Jaera albifrons) – Wenzel Marius – PLoS One


*D-lactic Acidosis: Successful Suppression of D-lactate–Producing Lactobacillus by Probiotics – Bahtiyar Yilmaz – Paediatrics

Cholesterol-lowering effect of Lactobacillus rhamnosus BFE5264 and its influence on the gut microbiome and propionate level in a murine model – Soyoung Park – PLoS One

Effects of lactoferrin on neonatal pathogens and Bifidobacterium breve in human breast milk – Tabitha Woodman – PLoS One

Water microbiome

Nitrifying and Denitrifying Bacterial Communities in Advanced Nitrogen-Removal Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems – Sara Wigginton – Journal of Environmental Quality – Environmental Microbiology

Soil microbiome

Preprint: Unraveling the effects of spatial variability and relic DNA on the temporal dynamics of soil microbial communities – Paul Carini – bioRxiv

Microbes in the news

*The Art and Science of Aging Cheese – Crystal Shi – The Epoch Times

Svetlana’s non-microbiology pick

*A great and neat tips list for all interested in better writing: Five common writing mistakes new scientists make – Jacquelyn Gill

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