December 3, 2016

Metagenomic tracking of stool transplant success, circadian oscillations in host transcription, microbial fermentation and chocolate flavors, and a future vision of medicine and microbiome analysis.

Human skin microbiome

16S based microbiome analysis from healthy subjects’ skin swabs stored for different storage periods reveal phylum to genus level changes – Ingeborg Klymiuk – Frontiers in Microbiology

Human gut microbiome

High-resolution tracking of microbial colonization in Fecal Microbiota Transplantation experiments via metagenome-assembled genomes – Sonny TM Lee- bioRxiv

Dialister as a Microbial Marker of Disease Activity in Spondyloarthritis – Raul Y. Tito – Arthritis & Rheumatology

Animal models

* Microbiota Diurnal Rhythmicity Programs Host Transcriptome Oscillations – Christoph A. Thaiss – Cell

Circadian rhythms and the microbiome: Disrupting daily routine of gut microbes can be bad news for whole body – Richard G. “Bugs” Stevens – The Conversation

Impact of the gut microbiota on enhancer accessibility in gut intraepithelial lymphocytes – Nicholas P. Semenkovich – PNAS

Luminal contents from the gut of colicky infants induce visceral hypersensitivity in mice – H. Eutamène – Neurogastroenterology & Motility

Supplementation of oligofructose, but not sucralose, decreases high-fat diet induced body weight gain in mice independent of gustducin-mediated gut hormone release – Sandra Steensels – Molecular Nutrition & Food Research

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Soil microbial communities influence seedling growth of a rare conifer independent of plant–soil feedback – Jessica L. Rigg – Ecology

Reduced snow cover alters root-microbe interactions and decreases nitrification rates in a northern hardwood forest – Patrick O. Sorensen – Ecology

Water microbiome

Grazers structure the bacterial and algal diversity of aquatic metacommunities – Julia Birtel – Ecology

Food microbiology

Influence of Cocoa Hybrids on Volatile Compounds of Fermented Beans, Microbial Diversity during Fermentation and Sensory Characteristics and Acceptance of Chocolates – Igor Magalhães da Veiga Moreira – Journal of Food Quality

Evaluation of Bacterial Contamination Sources in Meat Production Line – Farzaneh Bakhtiary- Journal of Food Quality

Pre- and probiotics

* A future vision of medicineCrystal Ball: A routine check-up at the digital medical centre – Kenneth N. Timmis – Microbial Biotechnology

Microbes in the news

Martha Carlin: A Visionary Citizen Scientist Changing Microbiome and Medical Research – Anne Estes – Mostly Microbes

7 ways The BioCollective Will Accelerate Microbiome Research and Change Medicine – Anne Estes – Mostly Microbes

Young Innovators: Bacteria may hold secret to oilsands remediation – Federica Giannelli – The Star Phoenix

This week in microbiology: TWiM 140: Small town, big science – MicrobeTV
Finding Mars on Earth: Chilean Hot Springs Provide New Clues to a Martian Mystery – Jeffrey Marlow – Discover Magazine

Parkinson’s linked to gut bacteria – Robert Ferris – CNBC

The Army’s looking into putting bacteria into its electronics. Army Research Lab scientists are collaborating with biologists – Ars Technica

Bad Body Odor? Try Putting More Bacteria Under Your Pits – Kyle Frischkorn – GQ

Researchers discover way to make surfaces less vulnerable to disease-causing bacteria –

Calculating for the Future: Can Breweries Provide More STEM Jobs for Women? – Bryan Roth – Beer Advocate

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