November 4, 2016

A very short Digest today, since Stanford unexpectedly closed my email account, so I cannot access most eTOCs. I had requested a couple of months extension, but it did not happen 😦   Here is what I found for you today:

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Genome reduction in an abundant and ubiquitous soil bacterium ‘Candidatus Udaeobacter copiosus’ – Tess E. Brewer – Nature Microbiology

Mycorrhizal compatibility and symbiotic seed germination of orchids from the Coastal Range and Andes in south central Chile – Hector Herrera – Mycorrhiza

Microbes in the news

One of our reporters tried to do CRISPR. He failed miserably – Jon Cohen – Science

Polysorbate as possible E. coli food poisoning fix – Barfblog

Food Additive Could Treat E. Coli Food Poisoning – ValueWalk

A penguin in the Bombay Zoo that recently died: Dory’s death: one more test confirms bacterial infection – Tanvi Deshpande
Finding Dory’s killer? Authorities in no rush – Rupsa Chakraborty – Midday

Microbes on the market

OptiBiotix Health Plc Presentation of data at European Microbiome Summit – Directors Talk Interviews

Enterome Appoints Christophe Bonny as Chief Scientific Officer – PR Newswire


The dirt on phones: See what you’re holding in your hands – WIBW




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