November 3, 2016

Prevotella and Bacteroides associations with diet, parasite-microbiota interactions in wild animals, Staphylococcus/fungus interactions in cheese rind.

General microbiome

The Underestimation of Global Microbial Diversity– Jay T. Lennon -mBio

Next-Generation High-Throughput Functional Annotation of Microbial GenomesNext-Generation High-Throughput Functional Annotation of Microbial Genomes – Ralph S. Baric – mBIo

Human vaginal microbiome

The vaginal microbiota, human papillomavirus infection and cervical intraepithelial neoplasia: what do we know and where are we going next? – Anita Mitra – Microbiome

Human gut microbiome

Unusual sub-genus associations of faecal Prevotella and Bacteroides with specific dietary patterns – Francesca De Filippis – Microbiome

(PubMed link) Early Changes in Microbial Community Structure Are Associated with Sustained Remission After Nutritional Treatment of Pediatric Crohn’s Disease – Dunn KA – Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

(PubMed link) Review: The role of the gut microbiota in food allergy – Rachid R – Curr Opin Pediatr

Review: Intestinal Microbiome Changes and Stem Cell Transplantation: Lessons Learned – Ying Taur – Virulence

Human urinary tract microbiome

Review: Urinary Tract Infection: Pathogenesis and Outlook – Lisa K. McLellan – Trends in Molecular Medicine

Animal microbiome

Parasite-microbiota interactions potentially affect intestinal communities in wild mammals – Tuomas Aivelo – bioRxiv

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Microbial community dynamics in the rhizosphere of a cadmium hyper-accumulator – J. L. Wood – Scientific Reports

Food microbiology

Cheese: Biotic Interactions Shape the Ecological Distributions of Staphylococcus Species – Erik K. Kastman – mBio

PressFungi boost bacterium. A study of 25 cheeses finds that a slow-growing bacterium can outcompete its relatives with the help of fungi – Nature

Storage techniques

Comparison of Collection Methods for Fecal Samples for Discovery Metabolomics in Epidemiologic Studies – Erikka Loftfield – Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention

Microbes in the news

Why Gut Bacteria Are Having a MomentJessica Richman, CEO of uBiome at Fortune’s Brainstorm Health summit- Beth Kowitt – Fortune

The Life, the Sea and the Space Viking, Searching for Extremophiles – Seti

Are You Ready to Swallow a Pill Full of Poop? OpenBiome believes in the power of pure, barely processed poop – Katie M. Palmer – Wired

Gut microbiome profiles predict response to low FODMAP diet in IBS – Healio

Study links intestinal microbial population to production of inflammatory proteins – Economic TImes

Guts of Fecal Transplant Patients Resemble their Donors’ – HCP Live – Refers to this paper:

Microbiome Skincare: Is Bacteria the Key to Perfect Skin? A primer on the science that could fix our skin woes once and for all – Wing Sze Tang – Flare

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  1. Thank you very much for keeping the academic focus of this blog even though you moved to an industrial position! I absolutely appreciate your efforts greatly and I hope your new employer does too!

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