September 14, 2016

Testing antibacterial and antismelly capacities of deodorant with a sniffer panel, uncovering trophic interactions by metagenomic sequencing of ladybugs’ gut contents.


6th ASM Beneficial Microbes meeting, Days 3-4 – Tera Levin – Storify

Human armpit microbiome

Smelly armpits, bacteria, and a sniffer panel: Effective axillary malodour reduction by polyquaternium-16-containing deodorants – B. Traupe – International Journal of Cosmetic Science

Human gut microbiome

Review: Pathogenesis of acute graft-versus-host disease: from intestinal microbiota alterations to donor T cell activation – Robert Zeiser – British Journal of Haemotology

Review: Role of the gut microbiota in host appetite control: bacterial growth to animal feeding behaviour – Sergueï O. Fetissov – Nature Reviews Endocrinology

Animal microbiome

Ladybugs: Uncovering Trophic Interactions in Arthropod Predators through DNA Shotgun-Sequencing of Gut Contents – Débora P. Paula – PLOS ONE

Does adaptive radiation of a host lineage promote ecological diversity of its bacterial communities? A test using gut microbiota of Anolis lizards – Tiantian Ren – Molecular Ecology

Built Environment microbiome

Previously in preprint, now published: Microbial diversity of extreme habitats in human homes – Amy M. Savage – PeerJ

Techniques / Bioreactors

Quantitative high-throughput population dynamics in continuous-culture by automated microscopy – Jason Merritt – Scientific Reports

Microbes in the news

Genevieve Sullivan: Bacteria and Food Packaging – Darren Chow – Cornell Sun

Samantha VanWees: Bacteria, Light and Milk Processing – Isabelle Philippe – CornellSun

This should be Open Access, because it is just a list of links. But it is not unfortunately: Web Alert: Ecophysiology of anaerobes: An annotated selection of World Wide Web sites relevant to the topics in environmental microbiology – Lawrence P. Wackett

An arms race with a superbug: Study shows how pneumonia-causing bacteria invade the body –

Coming together for microbiology: new network for scientists working in forensic medicine – Labnews UK

The possible link between bacteria and chronic disease? – Jason Tetro – PopSci

See paper in Advanced Materials featured yesterday: Delivering beneficial bacteria to the GI tract. Method that transports microbes through the stomach to the intestine may benefit human health – Anne Trafton – MIT News Office

Science, publishing, and career

Mansplaining: how not to talk to female Nasa astronauts – Laura Bates – The Guardian



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