Microbiome digest, November 7, 2014

General microbiome

Special issue of Cell Metabolism on Microbiome:

The Multifaceted Metabolic Microbiome—Marching toward Function – Nikla Emambokus – Cell Metabolism

A Bitter Aftertaste: Unintended Effects of Artificial Sweeteners on the Gut Microbiome – Nicholas A. Bokulich, Martin J. Blaser

Specialized Metabolites from the Microbiome in Health and Disease – Gil Sharon

Determining Microbial Products and Identifying Molecular Targets in the Human Microbiome – Regina Joice

Vitamin B12 as a Modulator of Gut Microbial Ecology – Patrick H. Degnan

γ-Butyrobetaine Is a Proatherogenic Intermediate in Gut Microbial Metabolism of L-Carnitine to TMAO – Robert A. Koeth

Human vaginal microbiome

Interplay Between the Temporal Dynamics of the Vaginal Microbiota and Human Papillomavirus Detection – Rebecca M. Brotman – Journal of Infectious Diseases

A novel role for maternal stress and microbial transmission in early life programming and neurodevelopment – Eldin Jašarević – Neurobiology of Stress

Human gut microbiome

Human Genetics Shape the Gut Microbiome – Julia K. Goodrich – Cell

The potential beneficial role of faecal microbiota transplantation in diseases other than Clostridium difficile infection – R. Singh – Clinical Microbiology and Infection

Gastrointestinal microbiota in children with autism in Slovakia – Aleksandra Tomova – Physiology & Behavior

In vitro models

Comparative study of the in vitro fermentative characteristics of fenugreek gum, white bread and bread with fenugreek gum using Human faecal microbes – K.T. Roberts – Bioactive Carbohydrates and Dietary Fibre

Animal microbiome

The draft genome, transcriptome, and microbiome of Dermatophagoides farinae reveal a broad spectrum of dust mite allergens – Ting-Fung Chan – Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Soil microbiome

(not really microbiome, but of interest):

Pedodiversity – Rare earth – Michael Tennesen – Science

Water microbiome

Viral attack exacerbates the susceptibility of a bloom-forming alga to ocean acidification – Shanwen Chen – Global Change Biology

Food microbiology

Microbiota and metabolites of aged bottled gueuze beers converge to the same composition
Freek Spitaels – Food Microbiology

Microbiological changes, shelf life and identification of initial and spoilage microbiota of sea bream fillets stored under various conditions using 16S rRNA gene analysis – Foteini F Parlapani – Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture

More microbiology

The Evolution and Genetics of Virus Host Shifts – Ben Longdon – PLOS Pathogens

Microbes in the news

When obesity is an inherited trait, maybe gut bacteria is the link – Melissa Healy – LA Times

Norovirus: The Perfect Pathogen Emerges From the Shadows – Carl Zimmer – National Geographic

Science, publishing and career

Make data sharing easy: PLOS launches its Data Repository Integration Partner Program – Jennifer Lin – PLOS Blogs

Make data sharing easy: PLOS launches its Data Repository Integration Partner Program

Satire: Manuscript Becomes Highly-Cited Without PR Campaign – The Allium

Bik’s Picks

Origin of the unique ventilatory apparatus of turtles: How the tortoise’s ribs got embedded in its shell – Science Daily

Killer Chairs: How Desk Jobs Ruin Your Health – James Levine – Scientific American

Allergic to Penicillin? You’re Probably Not – Judy Silverman and Maggie Fox – NBC News



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