May 1, 2023

Human and General Microbiome

Th17 cells sense microbiome to promote depressive-like behaviors – Eva M Medina-Rodriguez – Microbiome

Obese-associated gut microbes and derived phenolic metabolite as mediators of excessive motivation for food reward – Alice de Wouters d’Oplinter – Microbiome

Alteration of taste perception, food neophobia and oral microbiota composition in children with food allergy – Enza D’Auria – Scientific Reports

Translocating Lactobacillus torments tumors via tryptophan catabolism – Márcia S Pereira – Cell

Global trends in research related to the links between microbiota and antibiotics: a visualization study – Sa’ed H Zyoud – Scientific Reports

Modulation of antibiotic effects on microbial communities by resource competition – Daniel P Newton – Nature Communications

Review: Less is more: Antibiotics at the beginning of life – Martin Stocker – Nature Communications

Review: The interaction between autophagy, Helicobacter pylori, and gut microbiota in gastric carcinogenesis – Ali Nabavi-Rad – Trends in Microbiology

Review: The orchestra of human bacteriome by hormones – Arif Luqman – Microbial Pathogenesis

Review: Targeting the human gut microbiome with small-molecule inhibitors – Amelia Y M Woo – Nature Reviews. Chemistry

Review: A precision environmental health approach to prevention of human disease – Andrea Baccarelli – Nature Communications

Review: Emerging role of bacterial outer membrane vesicle in gastrointestinal tract – Cheng-Mei Tian – Gut Pathogens

Review: The Gut Microbiota – Brain Axis: Potential Mechanism of Drug Addiction – Xiao Luo – Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry

Beneficial Microbes and Compounds

The effects of live and pasteurized Akkermansia muciniphila on DSS-induced ulcerative colitis, gut microbiota, and metabolomics in mice – Liangyu Xue – Food & Function

Inulin diet uncovers complex diet-microbiota-immune cell interactions remodeling the gut epithelium – Renan Oliveira Corrêa – Microbiome

Tumor-targeting engineered probiotic Escherichia coli Nissle 1917 inhibits colorectal tumorigenesis and modulates gut microbiota homeostasis in mice – Haibo Tang – Life Sciences

Animal Microbiome

Intestinal epigenotype of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) associates with tenacibaculosis and gut microbiota composition – Søren B Hansen – Genomics

Review: Environmental Effects on Bee Microbiota – Phuong N Nguyen – Microbial Ecology

Review: Illuminating the Oral Microbiome and its Host Interactions: Animal models of disease – George Hajishengallis – FEMS Microbiology Reviews

Plant Microbiome

Review: How does plant sex alter microbiota assembly in dioecious plants? – Qingxue Guo – Trends in Microbiology

Environmental Microbiome

Compositional Changes in Sediment Microbiota Are Associated with Seasonal Variation of the Water Column in High-Altitude Hyperarid Andean Lake Systems – Ignacio Ramos-Tapia – Microbiology Spectrum

Built Environment

Dynamics of microbial community composition during degradation of silks in burial environment – Bowen Wang – The Science of the Total Environment


DeepMicroGen: a generative adversarial network based method for longitudinal microbiome data imputation – Joung Min Choi – Bioinformatics

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