April 24, 2023

Human and General Microbiome

Review: Effects of ultra-processed foods on the microbiota-gut-brain axis: The bread-and-butter issue – Zheyi Song – Food Research International 

Review: The emerging role of the small intestinal microbiota in human health and disease – Renate Ruigrok – Gut Microbes

Gut microbiome can predict chemoradiotherapy efficacy in patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma – Takuma Sasaki – Esophagus

Multi-omics signatures in new-onset diabetes predict metabolic response to dietary inulin: findings from an observational study followed by an interventional trial – N Ďásková – Nutrition & Diabetes

Comparison of Conjunctival Sac Microbiome between Low and High Myopic Eyes – Kang Xiao – Journal of Microbiology

Sentinel or accomplice – gut microbiota and microglia cross-talk in disorders of gut-brain interaction – Haonan Zheng – Protein & Cell

Beneficial Microbes and Compounds

Effects of dietary fibers or probiotics on functional constipation symptoms and roles of gut microbiota: a double-blinded randomized placebo trial – Hao Lai – Gut Microbes

Review: Use of probiotic lactobacilli in the treatment of vaginal infections: In vitro and in vivo investigations – Peng Liu – Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology

Animal Microbiome

The hindgut microbiome contributes to host oxidative stress in postpartum dairy cows by affecting glutathione synthesis process – Fengfei Gu – Microbiome

Gut microbiome responds compositionally and functionally to the seasonal diet variations in wild gibbons – Qi Li – NPJ Biofilms and Microbiomes

Metagenomic and metatranscriptomic exploration of the Egyptian Red Sea sponge Theonella sp. associated microbial community – Manar El Samak – Marine Genomics

Vibrio cholerae Invasion Dynamics of the Chironomid Host Are Strongly Influenced by Aquatic Cell Density and Can Vary by Strain – Dianshu Zhao – Microbiology Spectrum

Antibiotic Conditioning Shapes Pseudosterile Mouse Models by Deleting Colonic Microbes Rather than Small Intestinal Microbes – Qingxue Chen – Microbiology Spectrum

Plant Microbiome

Microbiota-mediated nitrogen fixation and microhabitat homeostasis in aerial root-mucilage – Zhiqiang Pang – Microbiome

Metapangenomics of wild and cultivated banana microbiome reveals a plethora of host-associated protective functions – Simrandeep Singh – Environmental Microbiome

Effects of vermicompost leachate on nitrogen, phosphorus, and microbiome in a food waste bioponic system – Sumeth Wongkiew – Journal of Environmental Management

The effect of wheat genotype on the microbiome is more evident in roots and varies through time – Liliana Quiza – ISME Communications

Environmental Microbiome

Disentangling temporal associations in marine microbial networks – Ina Maria Deutschmann – Microbiome

Evaluating the Reproducibility of Amplicon Sequencing Data Derived from Deep-Sea Cold Seep Sediment-Associated Microbiota – Jie Kong – Microbiology Spectrum

Built Environment

BioMateriOME: to understand microbe-material interactions within sustainable, living architectures – Beatriz Delgado Corrales – Advances in Applied Microbiology

Microbiome Analysis: Protocols, Resources, Tools and Techniques

Deciphering associations between gut microbiota and clinical factors using microbial modules – Ran Wang – Bioinformatics

SituSeq: an offline protocol for rapid and remote Nanopore 16S rRNA amplicon sequence analysis – Jackie Zorz – ISME Communications

Integrating Multi-Omics Data to Construct Reliable Interconnected Models of Signaling, Gene Regulatory, and Metabolic Pathways – Krishna Kumar – Methods in Molecular Biology


Interactions between the lipidome and genetic and environmental factors in autism – Chloe X Yap – Nature Medicine

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