April 3, 2023

Human and General Microbiome

Review: Incorporating plasmid biology and metagenomics into a holistic model of the human gut microbiome – Stephen R Stockdale – Current Opinion in Microbiology

No evidence for a common blood microbiome based on a population study of 9,770 healthy humans – Cedric C S Tan – Nature Microbiology

Genetic correlations between Alzheimer’s disease and gut microbiome genera – Davis Cammann – Scientific Reports

Limitations of using 16S rRNA microbiome sequencing to predict oral squamous cell carcinoma – Christopher Delaney – APMIS

Mendelian randomization analyses reveal causal relationships between the human microbiome and longevity – Xiaomin Liu – Scientific Reports

Genomics of Invasive Cutibacterium acnes Isolates from Deep-Seated Infections – Anna Both – Microbiology Spectrum

Vaginal Microbiome Metagenome Inference Accuracy: Differential Measurement Error according to Community Composition – Kayla A Carter – mSystems

Review: Interspecies Interactions within the Host: the Social Network of Group B Streptococcus – Marlyd E Mejia – Infection and Immunity

Beneficial Microbes and Compounds

Review: Kefir as a therapeutic agent in clinical research: a scoping review – Milena Klippel Bessa – Nutrition Research Reviews

Interaction between β-glucans and gut microbiota: a comprehensive review – Reza Karimi – Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition

Combination of vitamin D and probiotics inhibits chemically induced colorectal carcinogenesis in Wistar rats – Carolina S de Oliveira – Life Sciences

Animal Microbiome

Review: Recent advancements in coral health, microbiome interactions and climate change – Nizam Ashraf – The Science of the Total Environment

Detection of specific uncultured bacteriophages by fluorescence in situ hybridisation in pig microbiome – Line Jensen Ostenfeld – PloS One

Microbial Species-Area Relationships on the Skins of Amphibian Hosts – Fan Yang – Microbiology Spectrum

Intestinal microbiota of Nearctic-Neotropical migratory birds vary more over seasons and years than between host species – Heather R Skeen – Molecular Ecology

Food Microbiome

A unique case in which Kimoto-style fermentation was completed with Leuconostoc as the dominant genus without transitioning to Lactobacillus – Kohei Ito – Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering

Built Environment

Holobiont Urbanism: sampling urban beehives reveals cities’ metagenomes – Elizabeth Hénaff – Environmental Microbiome

Microbiome Analysis: Protocols, Resources, Tools and Techniques

Contamination detection and microbiome exploration with GRIMER – Vitor C Piro – GigaScience

Annotation-free discovery of functional groups in microbial communities – Xiaoyu Shan – Nature Ecology & Evolution

ViroProfiler: a containerized bioinformatics pipeline for viral metagenomic data analysis – Jinlong Ru – Gut Microbes

Sequence-Based Characterization of Microalgal Microbiomes: Impact of DNA Extraction Protocol on Yield and Community Composition – Line Roager – Microbiology Spectrum

Preprint: Identifying keystone species in microbial communities using deep learning – Xu-Wen Wang – bioRxiv

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