October 02, 2018

Today’s digest features a study on altered gut microbial composition in persons with chronic schizophrenia, a review of different approaches for discovering radical-dependent enzymes in the human gut microbiota and Nature podcast with the latest science news. Happy reading/listening!

Gut microbiome

*Differences in gut microbiome composition between persons with chronic schizophrenia and healthy comparison subjects – Tanya T. Nguyen – Schizophrenia Research

*Review: Discovering radical-dependent enzymes in the human gut microbiota – Benjamin J Levin and Emily P Balskus – Current Opinion in Chemical Biology

Review: Air Pollution, Early Life Microbiome, and Development – Yvonne Vallès and M. Pilar Francino – Current Environmental Health Reports

Review: The implementation of omics technologies in cancer microbiome research – Benjamin H Mullish – Ecancermedicalscience

Skin microbiome

Skin microbiome modulation induced by probiotic solutions – Bernhard Paetzold – bioRxiv

Vaginal microbiome

Review: Alternative and complementary therapies for vulvovaginal candidiasis – Thais Chimati Felix – Folia Microbiologica

Animal microbiome

Review: Fish Gut Microbiome: Current Approaches and Future Perspectives – Chandni Talwar – Indian Journal of Microbiology

Review: The application of omics to rumen microbiota function – Stuart E Denman – Animal

Animal experiments

The circadian clock regulates the diurnal levels of microbial short‐chain fatty acids and their rhythmic effects on colon contractility in mice – Anneleen Segers – Acta Physiologie


Dynamic interaction network inference from longitudinal microbiome data – Jose Lugo-Martinez – bioRxiv

Microbes in the news

6 Artificial Sweeteners That Can Hurt Your Microbiome Revealed in New Study – By Emma Betuel – Inverse

Study: Measuring Artificial Sweeteners Toxicity Using a Bioluminescent Bacterial Panel – Dorin Harpaz – Molecules


*A wearable biosensor and a metamaterial’s strange behaviour – Benjamin Thompson and Shamini Bundell – Nature Podcast

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